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Warning triangle

May 2014+: Warnings by the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (CF) - Bogus collectors are using the charity's old-style bags (coloured red, white and blue).
The charity says that none of these collections are genuine - they're all bogus.
If you receive one of these bags, please immediately contact the charity and the police and try to get the collection intercepted.  If it's bogus, the clothes can be seized.
. . . and (if you have the time) please let us know about the collection.  Contact us
All the genuine bags are a new, different design - coloured  yellow .
Precycle are no longer the collectors; collections are by East London Textiles (ELT) )
See:  Warning over bogus recycling bags     Old clothes give new hope  
Recycled clothes scam [Berkshire]     Fraud involving old collection bags  

Stop bogus collections

How to stop a bogus house-to-house collection...

. . . You need to act quickly - see the hands-on guide below

Charity shops raise 50 times more (per item) than house-to-house collections . . .

Taking your unwanted clothes etc to a charity shop raises around 50 times more money for charity compared with giving your clothes to a typical house-to-house 'charity' collector !

Two one-pound coins

  • House-to-house collectors:  Most of these are commercial companies - who give the partner charity only £50 or so for each tonne of clothes collected (a 'royalty').
    That's only 5 pence per kilogram (35 ounces) - that's the weight of a jacket or winter dress.
    [There's a thousand kilograms in a tonne.]
    Usually the company exports your clothes (especially to Eastern Europe - eg Lithuania) and they're sold for private profit.  The company sells the clothes for over £1,000 per tonne.
  • Charity shops:  By contrast, if you take the same item of clothing to a charity shop they'll sell it for around £10, of which over £2.50 is profit (=net proceeds) for the charity.  Also, you can increase this by 25% by using "Gift Aid"  

Do you want your item of clothing to raise only 5 pence for charity - or over £2.50 . . . ?

Worse still, around 50% of house-to-house collections are misleading/bogus/illegal.
... And fewer than 1 in 10,000 (=0.01%) illegal collections is prosecuted.
... And up to 10% of filled bags are stolen before the house-to-house collector arrives.

With CDs and DVDs, around 200 times more money is raised for charity by charity shops compared with typical house-to-house collections (10 cased CDs weigh 1 kilogram) :
A house-to-house collector gives only a half-penny (0.5p) per CD to the charity !
A charity shop makes almost £1 profit (=net proceeds) per donated CD or DVD

With jewellery, over 1,000 times more money (per item) is raised for charity by charity shops compared with typical (royalty-per-tonne) house-to-house collections.

There are over 9,000 charity shops in the UK - including :

  • Age UK, Autism Plus, Barnardo's, British Heart Foundation (BHF), British Red Cross, Cancer Research UK, Children's Society, CLIC Sargent, Dogs Trust, Extra Care, FARA, Headway, Marie Curie, Mind, Oxfam, PDSA, RSPCA, Salvation Army, Save the Children, Scope, Shelter, Sue Ryder, TRAID, YMCA; local air ambulance trusts, local cancer hospices.

If you can't take your donated goods to a charity shop, some shops are happy to collect them from your home - eg British Heart Foundation (BHF)  

For more information on how charity shops raise around 50 times more than collections, see the following :
the Charity shops versus house-to-house collections page
the Statistics page

Oxfam charity shop
Credit: goodtoknow.media.ipcdigital.co.uk
'Choose Charity Shops' (CCS) logo (thumbs-up) British Heart Foundation charity shop (Photo credit: Our thanks to British Heart Foundation - BHF
Our thanks to: www.BHF.org.uk (charity)

www.ChooseCharityShops.org     Charity Retail Association (CRA)  

Pile of newspapers

NEWS . . .

21 Oct 2014: GT Recycling Ltd (clothing collector, Aylesbury, Bucks) - see the 'Companies House' website for the latest status of the company/ies

26 Aug 2014: Memel Ltd (clothing collector, RO: London) - Company dissolved

05 Aug 2014: Angel of Goodness Ltd (clothing collector, Birmingham) - Company dissolved

08 July 2014: Last Hope Ltd (clothing collector, Lincoln/London) - Company dissolved

08 July 2014: Europe Family Links (clothing collector, Wembley) - Company dissolved

July 2014: D & P Textile Company Ltd (clothing collector, Birmingham) - Company in liquidation

17 June 2014: Little Treasures Children's Trust (a controversial small charity in Essex) - Removed from the Register of charities - ceased to exist

10 June 2014: Hand of Help UK Ltd (clothing collector) - Compulsory liquidation of the company by the Official Receiver (OR).  See the 'Collectors A-Z' page for details

Warning triangle

June 2014: "Charitable" collections being carried out by 'RNHI' www.rnhi.co.uk   Bags have an image of a helicopter (air ambulance?). Reports suggest it may be a scam. Let us know if you have any information on this.
See Nominet's WHOIS record   re website (incorrect registrant type, out-of-date registrant's address - post is returned to sender).
Click here for a photo of donated "RNHI" collection bags  

Spring 2014: Sanctuary   (a new Welsh charity) began house-to-house collections

19 March 2014: Home Office (and HMRC) raid on the premises of Savanna Rags International Ltd in Forest Road, Mansfield (Notts).  30 illegal immigrants arrested  

28 Jan 2014: Document (PDF) published by the Charity Commission (Investigations):
'Financial accountability issues - Accounts defaulting, self dealing, and fraud'  35 pages

14 Jan 2014: Alra Clothing Ltd (clothing collector, Manchester) - Company dissolved

31 Dec 2013: Sanctex Ltd (clothing collector):
Their contract with the Manacare Foundation (charity) was terminated WEF this date

10 Dec 2013: UK Clothes Ltd (formerly called D & V Clothes Collection Ltd) (clothing collector, Essex) - Company dissolved

Dec 2013: An investigation revealed details of a factory in China (in Shandong Province) that's producing fake (=counterfeit) charity bags for the UK market.  The fakes included: Age Scotland, Age UK, BHF, Cancer Relief UK, PDSA, Scope, Sense

Nov 2013: A bogus collector called "Clothes and UK Charities" collecting in Surrey. Surrey Police investigated.

04 Oct 2013: Local Community Recycling Services Ltd (LCRS) of Walsall (West Midlands) - the company went into liquidation (wound up) - Company No. 06692067  
Current/past directors: Mark Fitzgerald, David Fitzgerald, David Hide, Chris Pomelli, Angelo Pomelli

24 Sept 2013: PSS Support Ltd changed their name to "Clothes Relief Ltd"

Sept 2013: "Clothes for Charity" website launched.  It's the trading name for a new commercial company called 'Rose Wild Ltd'.  See our 'Collectors A-Z' page for details

12 July 2013: The fundraising site CharityGiving   (=The Dove Trust, charity 287401) was suspended (shut down) by the Charity Commission - £250,000 goes missing  

08 July 2013: Fake bags (Cancer Relief UK) on 'Fake Britain' BBC TV show   (s4 ep5)

02 July 2013: "Turning brass to muck?  A small scale exploration of charities' use of charity bags collections"   Paper by Dr Clive Sealey   (lecturer, University of Worcester)
An 18-page PDF document (with 10 references to www.CharityBags.org.uk)

01 July 2013: Charity fraudster jailed for 3¾ years - Harris Polak stole over £213,000

12 June 2013: Adjudication by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)   - verdict:
charity bags from GT Recycling Initiatives Ltd (for "Kids 'n' Cancer UK") were misleading

06 June 2013: 'The role of the Charity Commission and "public benefit": Post-legislative scrutiny of the Charities Act 2006   234-page Report by the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee (PDF file) - sections on clothing collections (and NEOs)

04 June 2013: "Charity Commission may not be 'fit for purpose', MPs say"  BBC News

June 2013: Torfaen Council (South Wales)   revoked the house-to-house collection licence they'd previously granted to Audosta Ltd / 'Cancer Research and Genetics UK'
With one house-to-house collection, only £12.50 had been given to the charity.

June '13: 'Charity watchdog's 'astounding' failure to detect tax avoidance condemned'  
- just £55,000 of the Cup Trust's £176 million income went to charitable causes

07 May 2013: VeritasCare Ltd (clothing collector, London SW4 6DA) - company dissolved

03 April 2013: Adjudication by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)   Not upheld
Clothing bags from 'Clothing Collection Team Ltd' (a Scottish co) - a controversial verdict.
(In England & Wales, we feel they may have needed a H2H charitable collection licence.)

27 March 2013: Sparco Ltd / Darius Kaminskas - clothing collector (Bristol) - jailed

26 Feb 2013: Julytex Ltd (collection company, Wolverhampton) - Company dissolved

29 Jan 2013: SOS Support Ltd (collection co, Newport, S Wales) - Company dissolved

16 Jan 2013: 'The Drops of Help Ltd' (TDOH):
A clothing collection company run by a Lithuanian couple in Beckton, East London.
1.  Compulsory liquidation of the company - by 'Company Investigations' (IS / BIS).
     "... a fake 'charity' that conned Kent residents, has been forced to close down"
2.  Both people were prosecuted by Kent County Council Trading Standards.

Salford City Council (Licensing Dept) uses 1,084 words (verbatim)   from CharityBags website in their Report [for Councillors] on House-to-House collections  Word .docx file

Darlington Borough Council logo (our thanks to the Council) 70w

Darlington Council (Licensing Dept) adds our CharityBags' How-to-tell-if-it's-genuine' Charity Checklist   to their website (as a 4-page PDF file)

17 Oct 2012: Order to wind up Rogaile Ltd (compulsory liquidation of the company)

17 Oct 2012: The government's Directgov and Business Link portal websites were abolished.  They were replaced by GOV.UK  www.gov.uk  

Oct 2012: Bogus Troop Aid collection bags are being distributed (including fakes)  See: West Mercia Police    Troop Aid charity  

18 Sept 2012: ABC Vara Ltd (a collection company in Leicestershire) was dissolved.
No accounts filed

June 2012: Liquidation of D & P Textile Company Ltd (a clothing collector in Birmingham).
Final meeting of members (under the Insolvency Act 1986) to be held on 26 Aug 2014`

01 April 2012: Consumer Direct was abolished (website and telephone helpline).
It was replaced by 'Citizens Advice consumer servicewww.adviceguide.org.uk  

Yellow warning triangle - alert

March 2012+: Beware - New collection scam (Worcestershire/Glos area) :
See new page: 'Gloucestershire and Worcestershire Air Ambulance' scam
- there's no charity with this name - the collections are fraudulent

20 Feb 2012: 'Children's Aid Foundation' (of Teesside) - this controversial charity was removed from the register of the Charity Commission

30 Jan 2012: 'Clothing donation bins spark turf war in Ontario [Canada]'  
'Much of the money does not go to charity' - good article on CBC News Canada website

26 Sept 2011: 'Charity sounds alarm over 'scam' drop-off boxes'  
Article on CBC News Canada website - on clothing banks disguised as 'charitable'

Maintenance - roadworks sign - 'Men (and women) at work' (or a person opening an umbrella?)

Recent changes to the website include . . .

Expanded/updated page: List of prosecutions of collectors - including Caerphilly, East Northants, Kirklees, Bristol, Kent TSD
Article: Fake collection leaflets, bags and impersonation
Updated page Misuse of ".org.uk" web addresses (domain names)
New article: Company information

 List of organisations and resources (can be sorted)
- 365+ annotated entries - including websites, statistics, laws, articles, reports, key facts.
- new sections on Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.
- the list (a table) can be sorted A-Z - or by subject (classified), and can be filtered.

Updated page:  Councils' online diaries of collection licences - eg Bassetlaw Council, Bedford, Blackpool, Brentwood, Broadland, Corby, Daventry, Doncaster, East Northants, Elmbridge, Erewash, Forest of Dean, Guildford, Harrogate, Kettering, Mid Devon, New Forest, Runnymede, Selby, South Derbyshire, Southampton, Tandridge (Surrey), Three Rivers (Herts), Vale of Glamorgan, Warwick, Wellingborough, West Lancs, Wigan Councils; Metropolitan Police (London)

Expanded the A-Z List of clothing collectors page (now 280 entries) :
- Added new collectors - eg JT Textiles Ltd, Sunrise Dreams Ltd, Nooria Mission, Last Hope Ltd, DR Bags Company, RNHI, Sanctuary (charity), Savanna Rags Int'l Ltd, 'Clothes for Charity' (=Rose Wild Ltd), Fox Recycling Ltd
- Updated existing entries:
Dissolved companies - eg liquidation of Rogaile Ltd, Julytex Ltd dissolved, ABC Vara Ltd dissolved, SOS Support Ltd dissloved, liquidation of LCRS Ltd, liquidation of 'Hand of Help UK Ltd', Alra Clothing Ltd dissolved, 'D & P Textile Company Ltd' in liquidation, 'Europe Family Links' dissolved, 'Last Hope Ltd' dissolved

Prosecutions of house-to-house collectors page:
Added more prosecutions done by NW Leics Council and Caerphilly Council (S Wales)
Added an 'at-a-glance' summary list of prosecutions (a 6-column table)
Added a new section: "Other interceptions of collectors" (eg Worcester, Tandridge)
Added a new section on scam collection companies which have been closed down

Councils' registers of licences page:  Revised and expanded the page;
- added the registers of Ashford, Portsmouth, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks councils

Page:  Statistics  - a handy table of over 250 facts and figures on collections

New page on Clothing banks

. . . See the WHAT'S NEW page for details

Putting their diaries of collection licences on their websites is the single, most effective thing that councils can do to reduce the problem of misleading/bogus collections - so that genuine charities raise more money.  It's extremely cost-effective.

News on Air Ambulance clothing collection scams

19 Oct 2011: ASA upheld a complaint   about a leaflet from E&N Textiles Ltd (AAS)

2 Nov 2011: High Court hearing (London) to wind up :
* Air Ambulance Support Community Interest Company (CIC) =AASCIC
* St Anthony Repatriation Ltd (formerly "Air Ambulance Service" =AAS )
* St Anthony (Trading Co) Ltd (formerly Air Ambulance Service (Trading Co) Ltd)
All three companies were wound up (=closed down).
See Government press release (by 'Company Investigations' of the Insolvency Service)  
So ANY collections purporting to be by these companies are now ILLEGAL.

2 Nov 2011: Magistrates Court hearing: Kirklees Council's prosecution of unlicensed charitable collectors (Air Ambulance Support CIC =AASCIC) using the 1939 Act.
Adjourned until 30 Dec 2011, then to 2012
2 March 2012: Convicted (in their absence) - fined £1,000 with £300 costs

8Nov11: Walton Air Ambulance Support "charity" shop (Essex) - fraud trial postponed  
14 Nov 2012: 'Walton-on-the-Naze [Essex]: Man is jailed over charity shop fraud'  

2 Dec 2011: Bracknell Magistrates Court (Berks)  The owner of "Air Ambulance Service", pleaded guilty to 9 offences (Consumer Protection Regulations 2008 =the CPRs)

20 Feb 2012: Illegal collection in Rotherham (Yorkshire) by 'Air Ambulance Service'/E&N

March 2012+: "Gloucestershire & Worcestershire Air Ambulance" scam - and see above

22 May 2012: Air Ambulance Recycling Ltd and E&N Textiles Ltd   were wound up (=closed down) by the government in the High Court, London

June 2014: Evaldas Guoga successfully prosecuted   in Norwich Magistrates Court`. Successful prosecution by Norfolk Trading Standards (in conjunction with Notts and Warwickshire TSDs) using the Consumer Protection Regulations (=CPRs) 2008

* see page on "Air Ambulance Service", AAS (Trading Co) Ltd and E&N Textiles Ltd
* see page on "Air Ambulance Support CIC" and Air Ambulance Recycling Ltd

* see Keith Kondakor's entries on facebook icon Facebook   YouTube icon YouTube  

Logo of www.airambulanceservice.org.uk =Air Ambulance Service / St Anthony Repatriation Ltd (clothing collection scam)

See also these websites :

Stop sign

How to stop a bogus house-to-house collection...

When you receive a suspicious "charity" clothing collection leaflet or bag, look at it carefully and refer to :
A-Z list of collectors  A-Z selection of collectors  Law on collections
How to tell: is the leaflet 'genuine'?  Fake collection leaflets
Is it 'charitable'? - does it need a licence?  Licensing: enforcement

If you think it's bogus and/or unlicensed, immediately telephone (or visit) the "authorities" (the regulators:

  1. Your local council's licensing department
    Refer them to the House to House Collections Act 1939 (the "1939 Act").
    Ask them:
       (a) Have they granted a licence for the collection? and
       (b) Has it got a 'National Exemption Order' (=NEO) - or see List of Exemptions
    If it's not licensed (or exempt) but it's indicating that it's in aid of a 'good cause' ("any charitable, benevolent or philanthropic purpose"), they can stop it (even if it's a commercial company and even if no charity is mentioned).
    Note: Good councils have a diary of licensed collections on their website.
  2. Your council's trading standards department (TSD) (via "Consumer Direct", now known as "Citizens Advice consumer service": tel 08454 04 05 06) - refer them to the Consumer Protection Regulations 2008, the Fraud Act 2006 and the 1939 Act
  3. The police (for example by dialing the new telephone number '101') - mention the three laws above - the police can assist the council(s).
    Also, the police may be able to take action themselves using the Fraud Act 2006.

House to House Collections Act 1939 (Crown Copyright, courtesy of HMSO)
Cover of 1939 Act
hover to ENLARGE

If it's bogus, try to persuade these authorities (especially council licensing) to use their powers to intercept the bag collectors (with police help) in your area on the collection day (usually a couple of days later) :

  • the collectors can be interviewed - and the van can be searched
  • the collectors can be arrested (depending on the circumstances)
  • the bags of clothes can be seized (and given to local charity shops)
  • in some cases the van can be seized
  • the collectors (and/or the 'promoters') can be prosecuted and fined

Bogus leaflet: 'Air Ambulance Service' (AAS)
Above: Bogus leaflet

Some councils (eg NW Leicestershire Council) have successfully prosecuted unlicensed collectors just for delivering the leaflets or bags (='promoting' a collection) - using the 1939 Act.

You may need to give the authorities a copy of the leaflet or bag - you can send them images of it using (a) a computer scanner and email, or
(b) a camera on a mobile phone or tablet.

If you have the time, get your friends and neighbours involved, and contact your local councillors and Neighbourhood Watch.  Also you can assist the authorities on the day of the collection (so long as you act responsibly and cautiously).

facebook icon YouTube icon [128x128]

Spread the word via social media - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums, blogs and the like.

Bogus collectors rely on ignorance, apathy, delay and lack of action.  Usually they collect the filled bags only two or three days after delivering their leaflets or bags.  The collectors expect people to take a while to contact the regulators (the council, police etc) - and they assume the regulators will be slow to react.  Prove them wrong.

A word of caution - leaflets which appear to be bogus may be genuine after all - and vice-versa (eg fakes).  Also, if you do want the collectors caught, you don't want to alert them to the possibility they'll be stopped.

If the collector is a dissolved company, this is an additional offence
- see the A-Z list of collectors page - eg RA & B Services Ltd, Rutex Ltd, W & W Help Ltd.

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) logo

After the collection day, you can complain to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) if you think the leaflet or bag was misleading.  See the A-Z list of collectors for over 30 examples of successful complaints.

Use the Bogus collections reporting tool   on the Charity Retail Association's website.
Write to your MP.  Contact newspapers.  Contact 'Company Investigations' (BIS)  

Theft of bags:  If you see anyone taking filled bags before the official collector arrives, note details (eg vehicle registration number and description) and ring the police immediately. Guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)   states that it's theft.

See also:  Regulators  Problems with regulators  List of prosecutions
Arrests by West Yorkshire police/Kirklees Council   "Bristol collectors raided"  

Each year in the UK, between £15 and 50 million income is lost by genuine charities because of poor-value, misleading and bogus house-to-house 'charity' clothing collections

CharityBags campaigns to reduce this problem . . .
Raise 10 pence or £3?
Two charity clothing collections - one raised £3 a bag for charity ... the other donated only 10 pence to charity for the SAME bag of clothes
If you receive a door-to-door clothing collection leaflet - who should you contact to check it out? - your local council licensing dept? trading standards? police? Charity Commission? ASA? - See the Regulators page
Oxfam charity shop (image courtesy of Oxfam charity) SALE !  M&S coats now only £7 ... Latest novels 85% off  ... CDs and DVDs only £1.99
- Pick up a bargain in a charity shop - and help raise money for good causes. There are now over 9,000 charity shops in the UK
Scales of justice (law)All change! - 2006 saw the start of major changes in charity law ... including the rules for licensing of charity collections (which date back to 1916 and 1939)
Scales of justice (law) Law - All charitable clothing collections need a licence from the local council (or approval from the Cabinet Office) - check out the rules in the House to House Collections Act 1939 Choices - "I've got some unwanted clothes etc - Should I give them to house-to-house clothing collections or take them to a recycling centre or take them to a charity shop?" The Charity Commission's report on door-to-door clothing collections reveals a disturbing picture of many commercial clothing collectors misleading the public
Recycling logoRecycling is worthwhile, but donating your unwanted goods to a charity shop for RE-USE can be 100 times better for the environment Bogus charity collectors fined - an unlicensed house-to-house clothing collection in Northamptonshire led to a prosecution by the district council licensing department Union Jack flagThe rules for house-to-house clothing collections vary slightly depending on where you live in the UK - find out how they affect you
Bogus charity clothing collections by 'Gotham' were featured on BBC1 TV's Watchdog programme - the leaflets alleged the goods went to charity shops in Lithuania The Charity Commission's Register lists 180,000 charities in England and Wales - such as Oxfam, RSPCA, Age UK, Salvation Army, NSPCC, Scope, The Children's Society, Cancer Research, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, BHF A-ZThe A-Z list of clothing collectors includes 30 which have been the subject of complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) - misleading leaflets and bags
See the DROP-DOWN MENUS (top of most pages) for a full list of the pages on our website World globe with email We welcome your comments - see contact us  
Our aims
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See List of organisations and resources - with abbreviations, links and useful printed reference sources.  You can sort it A-Z and by subject...
Below: misleading clothing collection leaflet (Rutex Ltd)
Misleading charitable house-to-house clothing collection leaflet (Rutex Ltd) 'Third world clothing collection - Please help those who really need your support'
Coloured recycling loop logo (planetpals.com) The Scams and cons page - offers advice on how to avoid being ripped off - including links to Consumer Direct's "Watch out!" scams guide and SafeFromScams.co.uk
Textile recycling is a sizeable industry in the UK. The value of second-hand clothes has risen dramatically - to over £1,000 per tonne.  Most are exported (especially to Eastern Europe and Africa). But far more money would be raised for charities if the clothes went to charity shops . . . 13 Amp mains plug for electrical goodsAround 500 UK charity shops accept mains-powered electrical goods, testing them before sale - such as computers, TVs, hifi, radios and gadgets. Some even take fridges & cookers . . .
'A selection of collectors A-Z' : . . . This page has over 60 images of collection leaflets and bags - plus comments
 Please send us more scanned copies of leaflets and bags ...  
?HOW TO TELL - is a clothing collection leaflet or bag genuine? - a checklist Cardiff Council prosecuted E&C Export Ltd for carrying out a charitable clothes collection without a licence, using the 'House to House Collections Act 1939'
Crown & portcullis logo - Crown Copyright - courtesy of wikipedia.org Parliament and politicians :
At last, MPs are talking tough about bogus 'charitable' clothing collections - but many regulators are ignoring these concerns
Licensing of collections under the 1939 Act :
Monitoring and enforcement are crucial.  But fewer than 1 in 10,000 (!) illegal clothing collections is prosecuted . . .
A brief history of clothing collections - a timeline :  This page gives key events and dates - eg new laws, TV and radio programmes
Clothing collections really are a matter of "life and death" - it's now thought that people may have died unnecessarily or sustained avoidable permanent injuries - because of the nationwide Air Ambulance scams in 2010 & 2011 - they stole £250,000++ from hard-pressed genuine charities such as Midlands Air Ambulance . . . Genuine Air Ambulance helicopter
Air ambulance
In memory of V who died of cancer in 2011

General, related and fringe topics

Government (central and local) - a brief guide - Parliament, Whitehall, local councils . . .
Freedom of information (FoI) and open government (and data protection)
Campaigns and campaigning by charities / not-for-profits - changing attitudes/behaviour
Charities and honesty - eg efficiency, ethics, integrity
Use (and misuse) of ".org.uk" web addresses - eg by commercial clothing collectors
Companies and company information - how to research clothing collection companies . . .
Scams, cons etc - and how to avoid them - trading standards, 'Action Fraud' . . .
Statistics - a handy table of over 250 facts and figures on collections and related matters
Introduction to statistics - sources, accuracy, presentation . . .

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