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CharityBags - Our aims

Headings on this page :

Our aims - introduction

According to the National Fraud Investigation Bureau (NFIB), £15-50 million income is lost by genuine charities in the UK each year - because of charity bag fraud.
Many "charitable" house-to-house clothing collections are misleading / bogus / unlicensed.
We want to improve this situation.  One crucial problem here is the lack of readily-available, handy, reliable information, organised into one place.  We hope this website will help meet this need.
If the information on our website (and our campaigning) reduces the problem by only 1%, that will raise an extra £250,000+ a year for genuine charities to spend on good causes.
Charities with charity shops which are losing out because of this problem include :

Our aims - in detail

Charity shop (courtesy of Oxfam)

1. Encouraging people to give unwanted goods (clothes etc) to charities :

  • by taking the goods directly to charity shops (the best method), or
  • by taking the goods to re-use/recycling centres and placing them in containers (banks) run by charities, or
  • by using collection bags delivered by genuine charities which are collected house-to-house, with the contents then being sold in their charity shops (or given to the needy)

2. Discouraging bogus or misleading "charitable" house-to-house collections of clothing etc

3. Discouraging people from giving their unwanted goods to poor-value charitable house-to-house collections - especially those where the goods are collected by commercial companies which sell them for a profit, and donate only a small "royalty" to the charity (such as £50 per tonne)

4. Discouraging people from giving goods to purely-commercial house-to-house collections (where charities don't benefit at all)

5. Providing information, advice and encouragement on these issues to :

6. Researching the issues and publishing the information

Our secondary aims include promoting :

Our secondary aims also include discouraging :

Note - We run the website as volunteers, with not-for-profit, charitable intentions.

So far we have no financial support.

Please see the About us page.

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Postscript:  The dialogue below helps explain our approach . . .

Excerpt from "Downton Abbey" (series 1: episode 6 of 7 - at around 23 minutes in) :

"There's a meeting of my borstal charity ..."

Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham (her father):
"Why are all your causes so steeped in gloom?"

"Because it's the gloomy things that need our help.
If everything in the garden's sunny - why meddle?"