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What's new?

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325. Changes

Homepage - 'News' section :
- Reversed the order of entries, so the latest items are at the top.
- Added more news items (eg on www.RNHI.co.uk, LCRS Ltd, Alra Clothing Ltd).
- Added dividing lines for clarity.

Updated the "A-Z list of collectors" page - eg recently dissolved companies.

Removed all mentions of PicoSearch (the company has ceased providing site-search facilities).

Improved the footers of all pages (eg more links).

www.LCN.com - LCN - Domain names, web hosting, email

Moved the hosting of the CharityBags website to a different company (LCN).
Our thanks to LCN.com

Reinstated the content on the 3 one-page mini websites :

324. Changes

Links to CharityBags page:  added more entries (at the bottom).

Improved the Links - bare A-Z list page - eg added coloured highlighting to indicate .gov and .org websites.  Deleted around 150 rogue links.

Improving tables (using CSS).  Standardising them across the site.

Added a user-friendly, customised "Error 404: page not found" page.
It has the same drop-down menus and footer that are used on the other pages of the site.  You land on this page if the name of the page you've typed doesn't exist.

1. Revised the National Exemption Orders (NEOs) page.
2. Re the Cabinet Office's official List of Exemption Orders: Found the new web address for it (now at GOV.UK) and updated all links to it on our site.

Purchased the www.charitybags.org   domain name.

Updated the 'Static sitemap' page with an up-to-date copy of the 'Popup sitemap'.

Revised the © Copyright page
- and added a section on using material from the website (with 3 examples).

Improved the What's new? page (this page).

Rewrote the Requests for help page.

Added a new page: 'Unrelated web pages' New page

Added a new section to the 'About us' page: Subjects dealt with on the website

Revised the Myths and misunderstandings page.

Improved the Brief history of clothing collections (timeline) page - eg headings.

Updated the Definitions of key words (glossary) page.

Improved the Licensing regimes page - eg the section on NALEO (our thanks to NALEO).

Clothing banks (clothing containers) New page

Use (and misuse) of '.org.uk' in web addresses page
- added sections, eg the article by the Australian Community Workers Association.

A-Z list of selected collectors page :
Added more images of leaflets and bags (and text) - eg Nooria Mission, Sunrise Dreams.

A-Z list of clothing collectors page :

  • Revised the Table of Contents at the top
  • Improved the descriptions of entries - eg clarifying which are commercial clothing collectors
  • Added new collectors - eg Nooria Mission, Sunrise Dreams Ltd, Last Hope Ltd
  • Updated some entries - eg VeritasCare Ltd: company now dissolved
  • 'Cash-for-clothes' schemes - added an Introduction
  • Added 3 new sections below the table - eg a list of charities which have closed

Revised the site's drop-down menus.

Homepage - combined the two news sections into one, updated the news, TLC.

323. Prosecutions - updating

  • Prosecution (and closure) of 'The Drops of Help Ltd' - clothes collection company
    - see the 'A-Z list of collectors' page
  • Prosecution of Sparco Ltd / Darius Kaminskas (jailed)
  • Prosecution (jailing) of Harris Polak (Liverpool) - cash donations

See the List of prosecutions page for all the above

322. Councils' online diaries of charitable collection licences New page *

Moved this article from the "News and snippets" page to a new, dedicated page.
Improved the introduction.
Added new sections on Selby Council, Bassetlaw Council, the Metropolitan Police.

321. Regulators page

Improved/updated the page.
Expanded the section on the police - especially the Metropolitan Police.
Expanded the section on the Cabinet Office.

320. Notes on using 'Table Filter', filtering and sorting   New page


319. "HTML Table Filter" software Upgraded

Upgraded it to version 2.4
This version allows you to search (and 'collapse') tables on our web pages using Regular Expressions (regex).  To do this, you type "rgx:" at the beginning of your search (eg with the main table on the new Statistics page - see entry below).
See the Table Filter   help page for details (opens in a new window).

318. Statistics New page

This page gives over 250 statistics on clothing collections and related matters.
It's a table (and it can be 'filtered').
Where this page is mentioned on other pages, we're highlighting it thus :
   "see the Statistics page ..."

Renamed the old page on statistics to "Introduction to statistics".
Updated it.  Moved parts of it to the new Statistics page.

317. Charity shops versus house-to-house collections New page

This page gives more detail/background regarding the new section on the homepage headed:
- "Charity shops raise 50 times more than house-to-house collections"

316. Style (written English and presentation) New page

Especially regarding the style used on the CharityBags website.

315. Homepage (index.htm)

Updated the existing text - eg news.
Redesigned and expanded the page.
Added a Table of Contents at the top.
Added a new section headed:
- "Charity shops raise 50 times more than house-to-house collections"
Expanded the section headed "How to stop a bogus house-to-house collection"

314. List of prosecutions of collectors page

Added the latest prosecutions by Caerphilly Council (3 in all).
Added prosecutions/cautions by Solihull Council.

313. "Treating Children with Cancer" charity (TCWC) New page

Moved this section from the "A-Z list of collectors" page to a new, dedicated page.

312. Links to www.CharityBags.org.uk page

Improved and expanded the page - including new sections.
Added around 15 new entries - eg Met Police, Bexley Council, Worcester News.
Added more extracts from articles and more images.

311. 'Gloucestershire & Worcestershire Air Ambulance' ['G & W'] scam New page

310. New "fixed headings" panel on some pages (=Table of Contents, =ToC)


Most of our pages have a list of headings - it's a Table of Contents for the page, with links.  Until now, it's been in a panel at the top of the page.  The headings panel is 'static' - in other words, it's 'glued' to the web page.  So, when you scroll down the page, the headings panel (with its links) disappears off the screen, alas.  This is inconvenient with longer pages.

So, we're adding a new, better system to some pages, as follows.

You can still have the headings panel positioned at the top (as before).
However, now the panel has two alternative (better) positions: right and left.
With these, the headings panel is always available - wherever you are on the page.

1. RIGHT - When you load the page, the headings panel is now positioned to the right of the page.  This panel stays fixed (always visible) as you scroll up and down the page.  This works well with higher screen resolutions (eg 1024 x 768 pixels or more), widescreen monitors and multiple monitors.

2. LEFT - You can change the position of the headings panel so it's on the left side.
In this position, it's hidden until you hover your mouse near the left edge of the screen.  Then the panel slides out temporarily, partly covering the page.
This is useful if you're using a lower screen resolution (eg 800 x 600 pixels) - because you haven't got enough screen width to view the page AND all the headings panel, side-by-side.  Again, the panel is always available - wherever you are on the page.

3. TOP - You can change the position of the headings panel so it's at the top of the page, static (like it used to be).  This isn't as useful as the right and left positions above.  However, it's the best option for printing - because it ensures that the headings panel is included in any printout.

The headings panels are done using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) only.
However, a fragment of JavaScript is used to switch to the left and top positions.

We'd be grateful for any comments on this system - including any bugs you come across.
Contact us.


There's help available regarding the 'headings panels' - as follows :

  • The information you're now reading - on the "What's new" page
  • The popup "tooltip" help when you hover over the "(Click for help) HEADINGS" line - you can try it below
  • The more detailed help panel which you get when you click on the "(Click for help) HEADINGS" line - you can try it below
  • The site's Help page - the sections on navigation, menus etc

(Click for help) HEADINGS Arrow to bottom
<To left: double-click  |  To right>: refresh  |  [To top^: drag]

Supplementary notes

Another use for the left position is when part of a web page extends to the right, beyond the normal width - eg with a few images and tables.  These extra-wide items are obscured by the headings panel when it's on the right-hand side.  However, if you move the panel to the left side, the items will be fully visible.`

To see more of the headings panel :

  • If you can't see the bottom of the headings panel, you can see more of it by pressing the F11 key for full-screen view.
  • You can change the zoom level in your browser (zooming out) - eg by using the zoom facility on the status bar or by pressing Ctrl -
  • Alternatively, you can change to a higher screen resolution - eg 1,024 x 768 pixels.

When the headings panel is on the right or left (ie when it's in one of the two 'fixed' positions), a vertical scroll bar will appear - if the panel is more than around 420 pixels high.

By the way, don't confuse the headings panel with the drop-down menu strip at the top of each web page :

  • the headings panel lists the headings on the page you're looking at
  • the drop-down menu strip at the top of each page, lists the other pages on the site

Alternative designs

With a few pages, we've added a modified form of fixed headings.  Examples :

  • "A-Z list of collectors" page
    = left and top headings panels only (not right) - as there's an extra-wide table
  • "Web design, HTML and CSS" page
    = right and top panels only (using an iframe and CSS only - as an experiment)

On a couple of pages we've used a different design altogether (a blue drop-down menu strip, using only CSS) :

  • "List of organisations and resources" (LOOAR) page
    - this is a one-off - it just gives the headings for the sections in the sortable table
  • "Forced entry by the police for 'saving life or limb' " (an unrelated page)
    This has both headings systems :
    • a blue drop-down menu strip, and
    • the standard headings-panels (ie right, left and top)


308. Links - Bare A-Z List page

Compiled an up-to-date version of the list.
There are now 1,183 links (URLs) to external sites.

307. 'Static sitemap' page

Improved the explanatory text ('cautionary notes').

Redesigned it - so the sitemap data is a separate file.
This makes it much quicker and easier to update it (so we can update it more frequently).
Added an up-to-date sitemap.

306. Charitable collections: Registers of licences page

Updated and expanded the page.

Added a copy of Ashford Borough Council's register of house-to-house collection licences (2000-2011), together with our comments.  The register is an Excel spreadsheet.

Added a copy of Portsmouth City Council's register (1998+) - a spreadsheet.
Added some comments by us.

Added a copy of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council's register (2004+).
Added some comments by us.

305. homepage =index.htm

Updated and expanded the page - with 30 or so modest changes.

304. www.AirAmbulanceService.org.uk  

"Air Ambulance Service" www.airambulance.service.org.uk logo

CharityBags purchased this notorious website (domain name).
This site had been owned by the company called "Air Ambulance Service" - a clothing collection scam.
However, the company was closed down in the High Court by the Government on 2nd Nov 2011, and the domain name subscription wasn't renewed.  We bought this vacant website :

  • to ensure that it didn't fall into the "wrong hands"
  • to allow us to add content to the site, warning people of the scam (and similar scams)

303. A-Z List of clothing collectors page

Improved the Table of Contents (headings) at the top.

Added new sections to the bottom of the page (below the A-Z table), headed:
- "WARNING - confusingly similar names" (with around 20 sets of examples)
- "Odd, interesting and misleading names" (with examples)

Expanded the "Cash for clothes" section (at the bottom of the table)

302. List of prosecutions of collectors page and A-Z List of clothing collectors page

Updated both pages by adding :

  • more prosecutions done by NW Leicestershire District Council.
    (Our thanks to the Council's Licensing section for supplying the information.)
  • the prosecution by West Berkshire and Wokingham Trading Standards (of 2 Dec 2011).

Added an 'at-a-glance' summary to Part 1 of the "List of prosecutions" page
- in the form of a table (6 columns).

301. News and snippets page

Added an article called "Councils' diaries of collection licences" - with examples
=registers of "live" licences.

Later, this became a dedicated web page called:  Councils' diaries of collection licences

300. A-Z List of clothing collectors page

Updated the page :

  • Added new entries - including Against Breast Cancer, Bollin Recycling, "Cash4Clothes", "Cash for Clothing", CHAS, Dragon Recycling Ltd, Gaia Movement (clothing banks), Green World Recycling Ltd (banks), James Hopkins Trust, Rainbows Children's Hospice, Rainbow Trust Children's Charity, Recycling and Management Services Ltd, WWF-UK, Zoe's Place.
  • Expanded around 30 existing entries - including air ambulances, Audosta Ltd, Byronswell Ltd, Children's Air Ambulance, Clothes Aid, DB Collections Ltd, Drops of Help, GT Recycling Ltd, The Hand of Help Ltd (THOH), Salvation Army, Second Life Ltd, Vaidaura Ltd.
  • Reviewed most entries, TLC, researched, improved the text and layout - eg reduced the use of abbreviations, made the entries more consistent, added bold to key names, added more colour, added searchable regional coding (NE England, NW England, SW England), added more links, added more addresses and registered numbers, added more cross-references, adjusted line breaks and non-breaking spaces so it's easier to read, added more warnings/'bewares'.
  • Improved the explanatory/help text above the List.
  • The web page is now 41 print-pages (of A4).

299. List of organisations and resources (LOOAR) page

Flag of UK's four nations

Researched, and added around 30 entries for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland - including law, charitable collections

298. Acknowledgements page

Rearranged the page.  Added headings and a table of contents.  Updated the text.

297. "Links : List of organisations and key to abbreviations" page

- now renamed: "List of organisations and resources" (LOOAR)

Rewrote and expanded the explanatory help text above (and below) the list.
Added more entries (there are now 350), expanded the existing entries.
Improved the implementation of the Table Filter utility.
Improved subject keywords - to allow better searching, table-filtering and sorting by users.
Renamed the Category column - to Status.
Added a new column called Subject - to allow sorting by subject.
Improved the classification and coding used in this column.
The table is now the site's classified (=subject) list - as well as the A-Z list.
Added a new column called Type.
Adding images - including logos.

Removing links to the superseded page called "Useful links" (classified list)

296. A-Z List of collectors page

Rewrote parts of the explanatory text above the List - eg "Where do I find information...".
Coded dissolved companies (with bold, colour and highlighting in the Notes column) and standardised the entries.
Coded prosecutions (with highlighting).
Added entries for more collectors - eg Audosta Ltd, Mercy Ships, ADG Service Ltd.
There are now 215 entries.

295. Table Filter utility

This JavaScript utility provides an interactive, database-like facility for lists/tables.
Added it to the tops of tables on more pages.

It's now used on :

  • Upgraded the software to version 2.0.
  • Added more options and features - eg highlighting, count of number of rows shown, clear-filter button, zebra-striping of rows, colouring around filter-entry boxes (CSS), sorting, case-insensitive sorting.
  • Improved and standardised the explanatory help text above each filter-table (using an SSI).
  • Added more examples of useful filter text (and re-sorts) - bespoked to each table.
  • Adjusted data/entries to allow better filtering (eg by adding more subject coding and standardised vocabulary).


294. Companies and company informationNew page

To help people researching commercial clothing collectors

293. History of clothing collections

Revised the page.  Expanded the hash "#" search/indexing terms.
Converted the list to an HTML table (of one column).
Inserted an 'HTML Table Filter' search box at the top of the table.

292. Web designNew page

Some thoughts, hints, tips etc - on HTML, CSS and the like
- with explanations of the design used on the CharityBags website

291. Acts and Regulations  =law

- Rewrote parts of the page, expanded it
- Added a new section at the top, giving a summary of the Acts and Regulations mentioned on the website

290. Plain EnglishNew page

289. xStatistics:markers (searchable)

Began checking each web page on the site for mentions of statistics.
Then, with each mention, we're adding a searchable, prominent coloured marker (example above).  See the Statistics page for more on this.

288. Introduction to statisticsNew page

287. Alan Stanton's photos (and text) on flickr - gallery of clothing collection leafletsNew article

flicker website logo

286. Use (and misuse) of '.org.uk' web addresses - New page

On the misleading use of .org.uk suffixes by some commercial companies - especially clothing collectors (eg "Air Ambulance Service" AAS).  It includes :
- a section on Nominet and their rules (T&Cs)
- our suggestions for tightening up the rules

Submitted a formal request to Nominet UK - suggesting they tighten their rules.

285. Fake collection leaflets and bags - and impersonationNew article

eg Azzara/Do Not Delay and Breakthrough Breast Cancer

284. List of prosecutions of collectors

Revised and expanded the page
Added recent prosecutions by Caerphilly Council and East Northamptonshire Council (ENC)
Added pending prosecutions - eg "Air Ambulance Support CIC"

283. Enlarging images by hovering your mouse

Began adding the facility to enlarge some images by hovering your mouse over them.
Done using cascading style sheets (rather than JavaScript).

282. Launched two new (one-page) websites :

Misleading logo of 'Air Ambulance Service'


This site focuses on air-ambulance clothing collection scams.
Currently, the site has only one page (the homepage).
It gives a summary of the issues - especially advice on how you can stop a misleading collection.
The site encourages people to visit the more-detailed sections on air-ambulance scams - to be found on the CharityBags website.
The aim is to maximise publicity regarding these scams, so that as few people as possible are misled into donating to these collectors.

- a mini-website dedicated to the House to House Collections Act 1939

Our thanks to Namesco Ltd / names.co.uk  
- for giving a discounted rate on the domain names purchases
- for providing the "FirstPage" content facility

281. "Air Ambulance Service" (AAS), Air Ambulance Service (Trading Co) Ltd (AASTC) and E&N Textiles Ltd - misleading clothing collections

Air Ambulance Support CIC and Air Ambulance Recycling Ltd (AAR)

Expanded/updated these pages - for example :
- Added image of Air Ambulance Service's new leaflet (dated July 2011)
- Added a new section entitled "Subsequent events" - eg on E&N Textiles Ltd
- Added details of new companies and changes of company names

280. Table Filter utility

Added the Table Filter utility (JavaScript) to the tops of tables on some pages
- eg the A-Z List of collectors page and the Acknowledgements page

278. LINKS - bare A-Z list of web addresses on the CharityBags website page

Re-created the list so it's up-to-date (=links to around 600 external    websites/web pages)
- our thanks to Xenu's Link Sleuth (free software)

277. Planet Aid, Humana and Tvind - 'charity' clothing collections controversy page

Expanded the page

276. Emails sent to CharityBags page

Added 10 more emails (anonymised)

275. Charity Retail Association (CRA)

The Association of Charity Shops (ACS) recently changed its name to
 "Charity Retail Association" (CRA) `
So we've started updating the website to reflect this

274. Lists of prosecutions of charitable house-to-house collectors - New page

  • An annotated list of prosecutions of clothing collectors - with explanatory notes
  • A list of prosecutions of collectors - collecting money
  • A list of prosecutions for theft of filled clothing collection bags

We've deleted the prosecutions listed on the History (Timeline) page

273. House-to-house collections in the media page

Added a dozen new articles - mainly from The Guardian

272. Regulators of house-to-house collections page

Added a section on the Environment Agency (EA)
- especially the issue of whether collectors need a waste carriers licence (WCL)

271. Charitable collections: Registers of licences page

Added a section on Bury Council's online register of house-to-house licences
(including a screenshot)

270. Collections in the media page

Updated and expanded the Daily Mirror items ("Penman & Sommerlad Investigate")

269. Charitable clothing collections - problems and solutions page

Expanded the page - adding a new section called "General points" at the top
- including a section entitled "Advice to the public" (do's and don'ts)
Revised the existing sections - eg enforcement

267. Brief history of clothing collections - Timeline

Updated this page - eg added :
- prosecutions by North Yorkshire County Council and Rhondda Council (Dec 2010)
- refusal of licence by Torfaen Council - in respect of Intersecond Ltd / Azzara
- report by Oxfam on house-to-house collections

266. Oakdene Hollins Ltd - research and consultancy

Began adding information on this company and their work
- including their government-funded (DEFRA) reports on maximising re-use and recycling of UK clothing and textiles `

265. North West Leicestershire District Council - licensing department:
Two prosecutions of unlicensed clothing collectors (28 Jan 2011)

Added details of these to the website

264. "Air Ambulance Service" (AAS) and "Air Ambulance Service (Trading Co) Ltd" (AASTC) - clothing collections

Added details of the adjudication by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) on a collection leaflet from Air Ambulance Service (Trading Co) Ltd (complaint upheld - 19 January 2011)

263. Alan Stanton's photos (and text) on Flickr - clothing collection leaflets/bags

Began adding details of these to our website `

262. Charity clothing collections: Parliament and politicians

Improved and expanded this page

261. A-Z list of house-to-house clothing collectors

- Researched which companies have been dissolved (or liquidated).
- Added details of this to the page.
- Colour-coded these organisations (column 1 of the table) - around 50 so far.

260. Clothing collections: Myths and misunderstandings - New page

259. KnowHow NonProfit (KHNP)

Added a section to the 'News and snippets' page - describing this website

258. Campaigns and campaigning - New page

On campaigns by not-for-profit organisations - eg charities

257. Helicopter images on the clothing collection leaflets and website of "Air Ambulance Service" (AAS) - New page

Eg the implications for enforcement

256. EasyFundraising [Ltd] - a commercial fundraiser for good causes (eg charities) - New page

They operate a cashback (click-through) system for online purchases
(the system is being used by "Air Ambulance Service")

255. Air ambulance organisations - an introduction - New page

On air ambulance organisations - genuine and bogus.
= our 4th page so far on air ambulances.

254. "Air Ambulance Support" (Community Interest Company) - New page

Clothing collector - based in Birmingham
(Note:  Don't confuse with "Air Ambulance Service" below.)

253. Newspaper articles, websites etc commenting on "Air Ambulance Service" (AAS) and "Air Ambulance Service (Trading Co) Ltd" (AASTC) - New page

A modern version of an "annotated bibliography".

252. "Air Ambulance Service" (AAS) and AASTC - clothing collections - New page

Misleading "charitable" clothing collections.

251. Web design - Cascading Style Sheets version 3 =CSS3

Are my corners rounded?

Are my corners rounded?

Experimenting with adding some CSS3 features
- eg rounded corners using "border-radius" (and Firefox's "-moz-border-radius")

  • If the grey panel to the right has rounded corners, then your browser recognises "border-radius" - so it's CSS3-aware (eg MS Internet Explorer 9+).
  • If the green panel to the right has rounded corners, then your browser recognises "-moz-border-radius".  This usually means you're using Mozilla Firefox (a recent version).
  • Alas, Microsoft says it has no plans to incorporate CSS3 in Internet Explorer 8.  So users of Windows XP (like us) can't see CSS3 features unless they switch to other browsers.


250. Who regulates house-to-house collections?

Updated the page.
The Office of Fair Trading section: Added a section on the control of misleading advertisements.
Added explanatory comments to the List of headings at the top of the page.

249. Prosecution of Nicholas Rees (clothing collector) by Birmingham City Council (Licensing Dept) in 2004 - New page

Includes details of an undertaking given by the collector to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) under the "Control of Misleading Advertisements Regulations 1988".

Researched the Control of Misleading Advertisements Regulations (CMARs), CPRs and BPRs.
Added a section on them to The regulators page (the section on the OFT).

248. LICENSING REGIMES - in different fields

Modest improvements - eg added colour-coding to the Institute of Licensing's list of 54 licensing regimes

247. USEFUL LINKS (organisations, websites, books, magazines etc)

Updated and expanded the page - and the "Useful links" sections of all topic pages (see item 195. below).

246. Brief history of clothing collections - Timeline

Improved and expanded the page.  Added more images.  Added searchable "#" keywords.

245. Navigation - Drop-down menus (at the top of most pages)

Improvements - including:

  • Adjustments to wording, use of bold, colour-coding, order etc
  • Increased the prominence of the two core headings
    ("Collections" and "Examples of collections")
  • "Examples of collections": Re-arranged the collectors so they're in A-Z order
  • "Examples of collections": Added new heading: "Press releases, newspaper articles etc"
  • Moved "Site help & Sitemap" to the right-hand end


244. Homepage of the website

Improved and expanded it.  Updated entries (eg Cabinet Office, Age UK).
Substituted a new leaflet image (coloured).  Changed some background colours.

243. Emails to CharityBags

Added 15 new emails to this page (anonymised)

242. Abolition of the Office of the Third Sector (OTS) (part of the Cabinet Office)

Changed all mentions of this department to "the Cabinet Office"
- eg regarding National Exemption Orders (NEOs) for clothing collections

241. Some links to the CharityBags website

Updated the page - eg added the House of Commons Briefing Paper on collections, House of Commons debate on bogus clothing collections, Metropolitan Police SNT, Judith Potts (Daily Telegraph), more blogs and forums.
Added a table of contents to the top of the page.

240. Links - bare A-Z list

= a list of all the links (on the CharityBags site) to other websites   

Created a new (up-to-date) list from scratch.

239. A selection of clothing collectors (A-Z) - New page

  • So far, it includes 35 images of collection leaflets and bags.
  • Improved the A-Z "Headings on this page" section at the top, so it includes cross-references to the site's dedicated pages on individual collectors.
  • With some images, added a copy of the wording as typed text (so it's searchable etc).

238. A-Z list of clothing collectors

Existing entries:  Improved.
New entries:  Expanded the list of collectors by around 40%, including the latest ASA adjudications, and various Irish entries.
New section:  Added an A-Z section to the foot of the table - on clothing (etc) collection banks.
Layout:  Widened the A-Z table to approx 770 pixels.
Improved the layout by switching to CSS for cell padding.

237. Exeter City Council (Devon) - register of collection licences 1997-2010
- New page

Plus a copy of the Council's register of licences (1997-2010) =12 annual Lists (MS Word ".doc" files)

236. Breakthrough Breast Cancer (charity) - clothing collections - New page

235. How to tell if a clothing collection is genuine - New page

234. 1. Delivering leaflets and bags  2. Collecting the bags - New page

233. Collections - The Hand of Help Ltd and Kaunas Disabled from Birth - New page

232. Charity clothing collections: Parliament and politicians - New page

Speeches, questions etc - eg by Jo Swinson MP, Jeff Ennis MP

230. Google

Google logo

Registered with Google Webmaster. 
Added the CharityBags website and a sitemap

229. Static sitemap page

Updated the Static sitemap to incorporate all new web pages.
Improved the Introduction.

- It's only needed by people without JavaScript enabled.
- Everyone else can use the Popup sitemap - see the foot of any page.

228. Links - bare A-Z list

= a list of all the links (on the CharityBags site) to other websites   

Created a new (up-to-date) list from scratch.
Improved the Introduction.

227. Collection leaflet (flyer): 'Collectors of the third world'

Added a section entitled: 'Our comments' - analysing the leaflet (eg 'is it charitable?')

226. Charity law reforms (and the Charities Act 2006)

Rewrote the last section ('Collections and the 2006 Act' onwards).
Colour-coded the current and new regimes.

225. Law - Acts and Regulations

Revised and expanded the page

224. Bogus clothing collections - article by a district council licensing department

Improved the page - especially the explanation at the end

223. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and clothing collections - New page

Eg ASA adjudications concerning misleading collections

221. The law on house-to-house collections

Improving the page.  Reduced duplication.
Moving details to new dedicated pages - eg charitable versus non-charitable.

220. A clothing collection: Does it need a licence?  Is it charitable? . . . and misleading 'hybrid' collections - New page

Eg 'charitable' versus 'non-charitable'

219. House-to-House collections - National Exemption Orders - 'New' page

Re-wrote the page, expanded it, added images.
Page now has user-friendly questions as headings - eg Why...? Who...? Where...?

218. Collections licensing - monitoring and enforcement - New page

217. Collections licensing - registers - New page

216. Collections licensing -applications - New page

215. Emails to CharityBags - New page

A guide to the sorts of emails we receive (suitably anonymised to respect your privacy)

214. Clothing - some trends - New page

Eg fashions, materials, manufacture, retailing, prices, charity shops

213. Collections by E&C Export Ltd on behalf of 'Second Chance' (charity) - New page

212. Prosecution of E&C Export Ltd - New page

Prosecution of the company by Cardiff Council (21 May 2009) for undertaking unlicensed charitable house-to-house collections (for clothes) - allegedly on behalf of the Children's Heart Surgery Fund (CHSF) (a Leeds NHS charity)

211. A brief history of clothing collections - New page

A timeline.  1853 to the present day

210. Government page

Added a section on QUANGOs and Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs)

209. Clothing collections in the media - New page

  • Television and radio - details of programmes which have dealt with clothing collections
  • Newspapers and magazines - details of some articles which have dealt with clothing collections
  • The Internet

208. Freedom of Information page

Added a section on the 'WhatDoTheyKnow.com' website

207. Charity shops page

Added a section on the Irish Charity Shops Association (ICSA)  [covers Eire] - including the "Scambusters" school project

206. List of house-to-house clothing collectors (A-Z)

Redesigned the page.  Improved and expanded the existing entries.
Added 30 new collectors, including 9 adjudications by the ASA.

205. Some links to the CharityBags website - New page

204. Intersecond Ltd (collector), Azzara (Lithuanian charity) and 'Do Not Delay!' (cancer project) - New page

203. Licensing regimes page

Added a section on the Institute of Licensing, including a copy of their list of 54 licensing regimes

201. House to House Collections Act 1939

Amended the site to reflect the appearance of the full text of the 1939 Act on the Government's OPSI and Statute Law Database websites
- see House to House Collections Act 1939 - Introduction by CharityBags

200. Help page:    Navigation - searching section

Added a section on Fanix 'Hilitext' - a utility program

199. Renamed pages - redirection 

Added token pages with the names of old (renamed) pages. These redirect visitors to the new page. This avoids unhelpful 'Page not found' 'error 404' messages.

198. Homepage

Improved - eg added a new row of items to the foot of the table

197. General sources of information - New page

196. Filenames and titles of pages

Improved the filenames of pages on the website

Improved the titles of pages
(the 'title' is the content of the HTML <title> tag; it's displayed on the top bar of a browser)

195. Added a 'Useful links' section to the ends of the 'topic' pages listed below :

Charity cards
Charity shops
Consumer issues
Freedom of information (FoI) and data protection
Government - four sections
Information - four sections
Law - two sections
Problems with regulators
Re-use and recycling

In each case, the section is identical to the corresponding one on the Useful links page.

Note:  Each of the 19 'links' sections above is now in a 'server-side include' (SSI) file, which is inserted into the topic page and the Useful links page when you browse.  So (mercifully) we only have to update each section in one place (even though it appears on two pages).  It's a primitive way of doing it, but it works.
Example:  The SSI file comprising the Charity shops Useful links section, is used by :
- the Charity shops page - for its Useful links section, and
- the Useful links page - for its section on charity shops

193. Consumer issues - New page

192. Law - New page

191. Textile recycling - New page

190. Planet Aid (clothing collector), Humana and Tvind - New page

Including details of a BBC Radio 4 programme on these organisations ('Face the Facts'), and information on Humana Alert / Tvind Alert

189. Clothing collections: Theft of bags - New page

188. The Association of Charity Shops (ACS) - New page

187. Collection leaflets, bags and labels - New page

Notes on their form - size, shape, materials etc (not their content =wording etc)

186. Clothes Aid - New page

Clothing collection company.  A commercial partner working with charities

185. Just Help Foundation - registered charity - New page

Unlicensed charitable collection, with picture of leaflet

184. http://ClothingCollection.org :  A website 'exposing fake clothing collection charities'New page

Our description of this Irish website/blog

183. Navigation -  Drop-down menus (at the top of most pages)

Menu items:  Improved their wording, order, grouping, icons etc

Created a new main (top-level) menu heading called "Charities"
Moved to it, the 6 charity items currently under the heading called "General"

182. Government - New page

A brief guide to government - central and local

181. Navigation - The two versions of the Sitemap

  • Popup sitemap:  Made it more prominent than the Static sitemap
    Corrected bugs, made it load quicker
  • Static sitemap:  (only needed if you don't have JavaScript enabled)
    Reduced the number of links to it :
    - Removed its links from all page footers and the drop-down menus
    - Sole links to it now are in the headers (hidden from JavaScript-enabled users)
    - Updated the static sitemap and improved the notes at the top of it
  • Amended the explanatory section on sitemaps on the Help page
  • Improved the automatic layout of the sitemaps - eg so the 6 main headings stand out


180. Freedom of information (FoI) and open government, and data protection page

Improved and expanded the page

179. Flyer mid-2004 - collection by 'Collectors of the third world'

Added it to the drop-down menus (under the heading 'Examples of collections - Dubious...')
(previously omitted it in error)

178. Pages made fixed-width

Changed most web pages to fixed-width (most now 590 pixels) - to keep the layout unchanged at higher screen resolutions :
- line lengths stay the same (reasonable lengths)
- the layout of pages isn't distorted

177. Charities and honesty - New page

- Issues of integrity, efficiency, scrutiny etc
- 'Pretend' (bogus) charities

176. News and snippets - New page

An informal miscellany of short items
Its contents are changed frequently

174. Scams, cons etc - New page

- Scams etc in general [not specifically charities]

173. www.headington.org.uk - "Charity" clothes collections page - New page

Our description and summary of their page

172. Charity shops page

Charity shop (courtesy of Oxfam)

In response to a request for information, from a national newspaper :

  • Updated the statistics (prices of goods, number of UK shops, turnover, costs, % profits etc)
  • Added a section on the benefits of charity shops
  • Expanded the section on the Association of Charity Shops (ACS)

171. Definitions page

- Improved the page
- Added/moved definitions from other pages of the site
- Added new entries - eg 'third sector', 'commercial'

170. Help page

Rewrote and re-organised the page

Decided which sections were :

  • Specific information about this website, or
  • General information on using any website (hints and tips etc)
Then moved the 'general information' sections towards the end, and presented them differently to the 'specific information' (eg by headings, colour and box borders)

Deleted some sections - eg display colour-depth, CSS

Added some new sections - eg on JavaScript

169. Disclaimer page

Added a section on Generalisations

168. Donations and types of house-to-house collections page

Improved and expanded it
Renamed it to: 'Choosing the best way to donate your clothes'

Added two new sections :

  • Introduction
  • Theft and house-to-house collections of clothes (and cash)

167. The law relating to house-to-house collections page

Updated and re-organised the page.  Added a plain-English summary near the top.  Redrafted existing sections.

166. Improved the appearance of the site

eg changed:  default font, font weights (in headings), some backgrounds

165. List of 'Holders of [National] Orders of Exemption'

Informed by the Government's Office of the Third Sector (OTS) that their website now includes their List of 'Holders of [National] Orders of Exemption'.

Accordingly :

  • Added links to this OTS page
  • Deleted our similar page listing the 43 charities holding National Exemption Orders, and the three related pages
  • New page: National Exemption Orders page - our introduction to :
    - the National Exemption Orders scheme
    - the List of National Exemption Orders

Our thanks to the OTS for their help.

164. Home Office, Cabinet Office (Office of the Third Sector) and Exemption Orders

Changed the website to reflect the transfer of departmental responsibility for charities :

  • from the Home Office
  • to the Office of the Third Sector (OTS) (part of the Cabinet Office)

Exemption Orders (concerning charitable house-to-house collections) :

  • deleted mentions of 'Home Office Exemption Orders' (HOEOs)
  • replaced them with 'National Exemption Orders' (NEOs)

163. Charity law reforms page and related pages

Added a section on the Charities Act 2006, including the changes soon (?) to be made to the regulation of house-to-house (and street) collections

162. Images - About images - New page

Created by moving the sections on images to it - from the Acknowledgements, Copyright and Help pages.

161. Images - Added new images to the site, courtesy of www.FreeImages.co.uk  

eg additions to the Charities page. See also the About images page

160. Problems and solutions page - expanded and updated

eg added a section on the List of charities with National Exemption Orders

159. Links/list pages - improved and simplified :

  • 1. Useful links page (classified list) - New page :
    • Entries arranged under 20 or so subject headings
    • Almost all external links    mentioned on the website are included on this page
    • Added some printed sources of information
    • Replaces the 'Useful sources of information' page/sections below, amalgamating the information into one list
  • 'Useful sources of information' page and sections (classified lists) :
    • 'Useful sources of information' page :
       - Deleted the page, after transferring the information to the 'Useful links' page
    • 'Useful sources of information' sections on seven pages (Charities, Charity shops, Charity cards, FoI, Recycling etc) :
       - Shortened the sections, transferring most entries to the 'Useful links' page
  • 2. A-Z list of organisations and key to abbreviations page :
    • Updating so the entries more-or-less match those on the 'Useful links' page
    • Transferred notes on organisations to the 'Useful links' page (to avoid duplication)
  • 3. Links - bare A-Z list page (formerly called 'Web links' page) :
    • Updated to ensure that all external links   mentioned on the website are included on this page

158. Images from SCRAN

Computer keyboard (image courtesy of James Gardiner/SCRAN)

Added new images to the site, courtesy of SCRAN (a Scottish educational charity) - eg additions to the Help page
See the About images page

157. Charity shops page

Charity shop (image courtesy of Oxfam)

  • Expanded the section on donating books - including advice on cleaning and repairing books
  • Added photographs of charity shops (courtesy of Oxfam)

156. Homepage (index.htm)

  • Removed the section entitled 'Our aims' - transferring it to a New page called Aims
  • Added a multi-colour welcome table to the homepage, with annotated links to various pages

155. The Charity Commission's report on clothing collections - New pages

154. Law - Acts and Regulations page

Expanded the page
Moved the section on the waiving of Crown Copyright by HMSO to the Copyright page

153. 'Law on collections' page - split it to form three pages :

152. Navigation - Sitemap

Added a sitemap.  This uses the data contained in the new drop-down menus.
Two versions of the sitemap are provided :

  • a popup sitemap - resembles a frames arrangement.  Uses JavaScript 
  • a static sitemap - a recent snapshot of the popup sitemap above. New page
    A standard web page.  Doesn't use JavaScript

See Help for more information

Deleted the 'Site Index' page and references to it

151. Navigation - Drop-down menus

  • Added drop-down menus (which use JavaScript) to most pages of the site
  • See Help for more information


150. Licensing regimes page - expanded

Added new sections and more examples

149. Navigation - External links

Changed the suffix symbol used to indicate external links (ie links to other websites) to   

Example :     Charity Commission  


148. Acknowledgements - New page

Moved the Acknowledgements section of the homepage to this new page

147. Help page - Navigation section

Added new items, including:
- how to open a new (second) browser window
- using a scroll-mouse
- using the Opera browser for its Links facilities

146. Navigation - Added a site search facility (PicoSearch)

A search box is at the foot of most pages.  See Help for more information

145. Organisations - Updated entries

eg ASA, Which?, BBC Watchdog, direct.gov.uk, Charity Commission

144. Re-use and recycling page

Added references to the Textile Recycling Association (TRA) and ENCAMS

143. List of some house-to-house collectors - New page

An A-Z table of collectors - around 35 so far.
Includes comments, and indicates which have been subject to ASA adjudications.

142. ABC1 charity collections page

Revised the page

141. Applied Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to the website

  • Gives a more consistent appearance to the site (fonts, headings, layout etc)
  • Adds extra facilities not available in plain HTML
  • Makes updating easier/more reliable


139. Useful sources of information page

  • Re-organised the page
  • Added an introduction
  • Added more entries - eg directories

138. Law - Acts and Regulations - New page

Eg waiving of Crown copyright; how to see Acts and Regulations

137. Freedom of information (FoI) and open government - New page

136. Problems with regulators - New page

Including information on complaints procedures and ombudsmen

135. Donations and collections page

Added a new section at the bottom, headed:
 "Regulating collections - licences, enforcement etc"

134. The law relating to charitable collections page

  • Revamped the page
  • Added new sections including :
    • "Charitable" versus "charity"
    • Non-charitable versus charitable collections
    • The wording of flyer leaflets
    • Dealing with unlicensed (eg bogus) charitable collections - monitoring, investigation, enforcement, prosecution etc
    • A comparison of the law on house-to-house collections with street collections (a table)
    • Useful sources of information
  • South Northants Council's local Regulations (MS Word): added a copy in HTML format New page

133. Navigation - Added a 'table of contents' (TOC) to the top of most pages

Each is located below the page heading, above the body text.
They're currently entitled "Headings on this page:"

132. Watch out for bogus charities - warning by a district council's licensing department page (article in council's magazine)

Added a section entitled "Our comments" below the article

131. House-to-house charity collectors selling donations at car boot sales page (newspaper article)

Added a section entitled "Our comments" below the article

130. Donating to charity? Are you certain? 'Be cautious' is council's advice - New page

Article in local newspaper: Collection by Kosta Ltd / "H.K.L Charity"
A recent bogus collection, with a photo of the leaflet and comments by us

129. Charity shops page

"Useful sources of information" section:
Entry for Association of Charity Shops (ACS):
Updated contact information - new address, telephone numbers, website etc
(Our thanks to ACS for emailing us.)

Added sections on:  books, magazines

128. Navigation - Site Index page

Split the final section (headed "The CharityBags website") into two, as follows:

  • Using the CharityBags website (=Help etc)
  • CharityBags (=About us, Aims, Contact us etc)

127. About us - New page

A guide to the status of CharityBags, funding, its origins etc

126. Images - Added "ALT" tags

(ie alternative) descriptive text to most images.
Helps accessibility - eg people who are browsing using text-only mode.

125. Charity law reforms - New page

The Government's proposals for reforming charity law.  Includes details of reports, with quotations.  One report is just on charity collections (a gem)

124. Licensing regimes - New page

Information on some other licensing/regulatory regimes

123. Disclaimer page

  • Revamped
  • Expanded the section on "Draft" status
  • Added a section on Law

House to House Collections Act 1939 - our introduction - New page
House to House Collections Act 1939 - all pages - New page

= A scanned copy of the 1939 Act.  = 11 images

121. Homepage (index.htm)

Redesigned - eg smaller, less cluttered

120. 'Useful sources of information' page

Added 'A-Z list of the links on this page to other websites'
= New section at bottom of the page

119. Organisations - HMSO and The Stationery Office (TSO)

Clarified the distinctions between the two organisations - eg on the page entitled 'Useful sources of information'

118. Flyer delivered late 2003 page

Expanded the introduction which analyses the flyer's wording

117. Help page

  • Improved the sections on Display, Navigation and Printing
  • Added 'Key points' (=summary) at top
  • Added screen resolution detection - New page

116. Definitions of some relevant words page

  • New section (Introduction) on stopping unlicensed collections
    - the issue of 'charitable purpose', and versus 'charity' collections
  • Added more definitions

115. List of organisations and key to abbreviations used on this website - New page

A-Z with categories, notes and links

114. 'Bogus charity collectors fined' - New page

Press release by South Northamptonshire Council (SNC), announcing successful prosecution of 'Third World Recycling' - and our comments

113. Charity shops page - Computer software

= New section

112. Regulators page - 1. Licensing departments of local authorities

Update regarding 'who does what' - confirming that licensing departments are responsible for enforcement of unlicensed charitable collections (outside London) rather than the police.
=Amended section

110. Navigation - Site Index page

  • Colour-coding added to the backgrounds of main sections to make it easier to use.
  • Made top of the page 2-column so the list of headings used is visible without having to scroll down.
  • Addition of logos, icons and other visual cues on the right-hand side.


109. What's new? - New page

= the page you're now looking at

108. Donations and collections page

Added a new section entitled :
"2. Taking your unwanted goods to a recycling/re-use centre"

107. House to House Collections Act 1939 - our introduction and related pages - 13 New pages

106. Leaflet (and bag): "Collectors of the third world" - New page

A dubious collection

105. Leaflet (flyer): "Business reg. no. 4219916" - New page

Collection of unwanted clothes for Eastern Europe "... to be sold at a charitable price".
Dubious collection.

104. Navigation - Links in headers and footers

Improved and standardised navigation links at the top and bottom of most pages

103. Regulators of house-to-house collections - New page

"Who does what?" - Local council licensing departments, the police, trading standards, Home Office, OFT, Charity Commission, ASA

102. Help - New page

Help and advice on viewing the site, printing out etc.
Moved:  Was part of the Homepage.  Now is a standalone page.


Older items (=below) deleted




Below - the technicolor marvels of CSS3 (assuming your browser supports it) . . .