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1. Publishing material taken from the CharityBags website

You're welcome to publish material from our website which we've written (and indeed we encourage you to do this) - so long as :

Normally we allow you to use the material free-of-charge.


Organisations which have copied substantial amounts of text from our website include :

City & Guilds logo (our thanks to C&G)

City & Guilds

www.cityandguilds.com   the vocational education awarding body (charity)

Darlington Borough Council logo (our thanks to the Council) 70w

Darlington Borough Council

- their Licensing department added our
CharityBags' How-to-tell-if-it's-genuine' Charity Checklist   to their website
(as a 4-page PDF file).  See their website's House to House Collections section: 'Beware of bogus callers! Charity Checklist [pdf document]'

Salford City Council (SCC) logo (our thanks to the Council)

Salford City Council

- their Licensing department used over 1,100 words (verbatim)   from the CharityBags website to form their Report [for Councillors] on House-to-House collections   It's a 4-page MS Word .docx file.  Google has a web page version of the file too (html).

Linking to the CharityBags website   

As an alternative to copying material from our website, you can (of course) add links on your website leading to our website - or to any page on it.  For examples of websites that have linked to us, see the page: Links to the CharityBags website.

Normally you don't need permission to link to a website - and convention has it that you're not expected to inform the target website that you've linked to them.

2. Our use of material take from other sources


Please see the About images page.

Imported text

Information (courtesy of BIS)

Some substantial items of text on this website have come from external sources - such as reproductions of newspaper articles and press releases.  Most of these are copyright.  Normally, we've obtained the permission of their publishers to include them, and we are grateful to the publishers for their co-operation.  Bear in mind that the organisations don't necessarily endorse or support our site.

See later on this page for details of the waiving of Crown copyright by HMSO - eg in respect of Acts and Regulations.

We've included small extracts from some external sources, such as legislation, and local authority guidance notes.  Our understanding is that permission for this is not required.  In some cases we mention the source.  In others we don't - for good reasons.  For instance with our summary of the law, we augmented our own wording with a blend of snippets from various official sources, because their wording is likely to be more fluent and correct than our attempts.

In some cases, we understand you're entitled to reproduce copyright material without express permission - for example for the purposes of criticism and/or review under S.30(1) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988.  See Plain Figures - Examples and Tips  .  Also, we understand you can reproduce certain material if it relates to news.


I know I'm only a humble flower, but I do feel sad that I'm just called 'Flower153: 82x92'

We may have inadvertently reproduced some information from copyright sources without permission.  If so, please accept our apologies, and (if you feel it necessary) contact us so we can rectify matters.

Running the website is time-consuming - and the less time we have to spend on obtaining copyright approval, the more time we can devote to improving the site - and raising more money for charities.

If you believe you're the copyright holder of the material we've used, we ask you to consider the following :

A note on externally-produced documents reproduced on the website

These are newspaper articles, press releases, legislation etc which are on our site.

Methods of reproduction

We've tried to reproduce them as faithfully as possible, using the following methods :


Computer keyboard (James Gardiner/SCRAN)
Image of keyboard
© SCRAN / James Gardiner

The copies on our website should be the same as the originals, apart from the following :

House to House Collections Act 1939 - title page - Crown copyright HMSO
Title page of the
House to House Collections Act 1939
(Crown copyright HMSO)

Waiving of Crown copyright by HMSO

Acts and Regulations (and other central government publications) are © Crown copyright.  The copyright is administered by OPSI / Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO).

However, copyright has been waived in the public interest, and HMSO allow (and encourage) people to copy/reproduce Acts and Regulations (and many other documents), subject to certain minor provisos.  See their website www.opsi.gov.uk   for details (eg "Crown Copyright Policy Guidance").  So you don't need permission to :

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