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Jumble sales

These have been around since Victorian times, featuring in novels by writers such as Agatha Christie (Miss Marple series) and E Nesbit (Five Children and It).

They're a popular form of fundraising for local good causes, such as clubs and societies, scouts and guides, churches and schools.  You could describe them as being like a half-day temporary charity shop, sometimes with refreshments provided.

Generally, prices charged are much lower than in charity shops - often only 5p-50p.  On the other hand, the quality of goods sold is usually below that of charity shops.

Many jumble sales rely on house-to-house collections.

Some charity shops organise periodic jumble sales to get rid of poorer quality clothing donations which can't be sold in their shops.


Comparing charity shops and jumble sales




Event no yes
Advertising no yes - newspapers,
notice boards etc
Duration permanent short-term - eg half-day
Premises high street shop rented hall
Shopfitting/equipment professional folding tables
Changing rooms yes no
Refreshments no yes
Highheel shoes
Staff 2 or 3 10 or more
Admission free charged - eg 20p
New goods some none
Quality of goods higher lower
Prices of goods higher lower
Haggling over price no yes
Prices marked yes no
Method of payment various usually cash only
Receipts issued yes no
Atmosphere formal informal