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Headings on this page :


This page is a classified list of entries, consisting of :

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There're 22 subject headings - these are listed above (at the top of this page).  These sections are in A-Z order.

The individual entries (links) under each subject heading are also in A-Z order.

However, with some subject headings they're first divided into two sections (separated by a red ruled line) as follows :

       Government A-Z above

Non-Government A-Z below

Multiple entries - Some entries on this page occur under more than one heading (eg the Home Office). In such cases, usually one entry is the main entry, and the other (token) entries have links to this entry.

A typical entry consists of :       name (abbreviation) (former name)  [comments]

Abbreviations - Entries for organisations include their abbreviations.  You can look up an abbreviation by two methods :

Former names - Where organisations have been renamed recently, the former name is also included.   Example:   'Which?' was formerly known as 'the Consumers' Association'.

For further details of any entry, see the page(s) on which it's included.
To find these page(s), you can use the site's search facility (at the foot of each page) when online.

Cross-references - There are three types of cross-reference on this page, as follows :

  1. The first entries under some headings are links to the relevant pages on the CharityBags website - for example :
  2. Where entries occur under two or more headings on this page (eg the Home Office), there are links from the token entries to the main entry, for example :
               " - see the Charities - general section"
  3. Where there is more information on an entry on another web page, this is indicated, for example :
               " [For more details see the Charities page]"

A few entries are incomplete (eg they don't yet have a link).  We continue to update and improve the list.

  Easier navigation - This is a long page.  If you're part-way down the page and you want to go to another section some distance away, the best method is to go to the list of headings at the top, and then click the link to the page you want.

 Don't forget you don't have to scroll up screen-by-screen to go to the top of the page - you can just press the Home key once (see the keyboard shortcuts section on the Help page).

Corrections - If you spot any errors or have any suggestions (eg links that should be added), please contact us.

"Related pages and Useful links" sections on other pages

Most of the 22 sections on this page are repeated on the appropriate page covering the topic (at the bottom of each topic page, under a heading called "Related pages and Useful links").

Examples :
- A copy of the "Charities - general" section on this page forms the end of the Charities page
- A copy of the "Law" section on this page forms the end of the Law page.

There are four sections on this page which aren't repeated on any other page.  These are indicated by a purple diamond symbol " " in the list of headings at the top of this page, and on their headings below.

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The 'Useful links' page (which you're now looking at) is one of three related pages of links. The other two are :

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