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List of organisations and resources (with abbreviations and links)
sortable - by A-Z, subject, status etc

Headings on this page :

Explanatory notes

  1. Recent changes to the list   NEW 
  2. Why have we compiled this list?
  3. What's in this list?
  4. Notes on using the list below (the columns etc)
  5. And finally . . .
    How to filter and sort   the table below (with examples)   NEW 


Six columns - headed:  Abbreviation, Full name (and link), Type, Status, Subject, Notes
Approx 360 entries

Background notes  (eg on sorting, and on the coding in the Subject and Status columns)

Related lists (on other pages) - eg the "Bare web links" list

Explanatory notes

Our thanks to the organisations whose logos appear on this page.

For brevity, we refer to the list that's on this page as our "List of organisations", the "list" or the "table".

If you've visited this page before, we suggest you refresh the page - to make sure you're looking at the latest version.  You can do this by pressing the F5 key (or better still, Ctrl-F5).

1. Recent changes to the list

The list on this page has always been in the form of a table.  Recently we've given it some TLC - doing an Ann Maurice makeover.  This has included adding the Table Filter utility (details below).
This, of course, allows you to filter the entries.  However, it also lets you sort the list (it's a table of several columns).  For the first time, this allows you (and us) to use this same list in two ways :

  1. as an A-Z list (as before), and also
  2. as a classified list - sorted by subject (or by any other column)   <---NEW 

Previously, we had to maintain two similar lists of organisations - one arranged A-Z and the other arranged by subject.

Some of you will be blissfully content with using the list in A-Z order (the joys of serendipity).  Others will be crying out to re-sort it by subject - to get some "logic" into the sequence.  The choice is yours . . .

Can you help? . . .
We'd welcome your comments and suggestions on this list - see Contact us
- for instance any errors you've spotted, or any items you think could be added.

2. Why have we compiled this list?




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Scottish Information Commissioner - logo (courtesy of the Commissioner)

It provides a handy, all-in-one list (directory) of :

Also, it acts as a key to abbreviations and acronyms used on the website, most of which are organisations - such as ASA, BIS, CRA, DCLG, FRSB, TSD.  There are a few other abbreviations - eg for concepts.  These are colour-coded.

For simplicity, we've called it a "list".  However, it's got more than just the name of each item (and its abbreviation).  For example, there's web addresses, explanatory notes, cross-references, and codings for type, status of organisations and subject (topic).  It's intended to be a guide to information sources, a directory, and a brief annotated bibliography.  Also, to some extent, it's an index - and it acts as a summary of the information on the website.  The list is maintained by a Chartered Member of CILIP  

So far, there are around 360 entries (=items).
When printed out, it occupies 35 A4-size pages.

3. What's in this list?

What subjects are included?
What's not included?

With most abbreviations and acronyms, Google gives you quick answers.

4. Notes on using the list below

5. And finally . . .
How to filter and sort the table below (with examples)

You can look at the table below just as it is - browsing up and down the page as usual  
And you can search it as usual - for instance using Ctrl-F (then using the Enter or F3 keys).

However, this table uses table-filter software - so you can filter and/or sort entries.

Filtering:  At any stage, you can select (in other words, filter) the entries below.
This "collapses" the table temporarily - so it only lists the items (rows) which you want.
Do this as follows:

The heading(s) of the selected column(s) and the selected text are highlighted.
The filter isn't case-sensitive - so UPPER or lower case makes no difference.
Use two vertical-line characters (by the "Z" key) to indicate "or".  Example:  bloggs||smith
Other codes include:  {x =begins with x    }x =ends with x    !x =not x    [empty] =empty 
See http://tablefilter.free.fr/   for more of these codes (with examples).
At the top of the table, there's a counter that tells you the number of rows shown.

Also, you can search using Regular Expressions (=regex)   with this new version (v2.4).
Do this by putting "rgx:" at the start ("rgx" followed by a colon ":").
Example: "rgx:200[3-8]"  - this finds all items with years between 2003 and 2008


These filtering and sorting facilities allow you to interact with the table - so you can change it to suit your needs.  They make the table behave like a simple database or spreadsheet.

See our Web design page for more on table filtering facilities (JavaScript).
The software used on the table below is called "HTML Table Filter" (by Max Guglielmi).
For more help on using it (eg search syntax), see http://tablefilter.free.fr/  


Browsers:  The software works fine with Internet Explorer 8, Firefox and Safari.  It's fine with Opera too - except it only sorts one column at a time.

By the way, there's another nice JavaScript table utility called "TableTools"   (by Mingyi Liu).  A modified version is available as a free add-on for the Firefox browser.  When you're browsing with Firefox and see any table, you can call up the TableTools utility (with a right-click) and do powerful filtering and sorting (and more).

Filtering - examples

Useful selection/search text which you can type in the empty form boxes below :
- Notes column:  "regulator" "now" "1939" "pressure group" "scot" "umbrella"
If you want to include the  heading rows , type "||_" after the word - eg "1939||_"

  Sorting - examples

List of organisations and resources (with abbreviations)

Abbrev'n Full name and link
< <  click these headings to sort  > >
   (mouse pointer changes to a hand)
Type Status Subject Notes
For the 'best' Subject sort :
 Click Type, then Status, then Subject heading 
  192.com -org co info Online directory of phone nos, people, businesses, company directors.  Some info is free.   Useful for researching collectors.
cf BT's free online phone directory
4C 4C For Charity -org co char-_fundC Formerly "Charity Christmas Card Council" (CCCC =4C).  Now commercially owned
  Action Fraud Action Fraud logo -org :govCentr policeFraud "The UK's national fraud reporting centre".  Run by the National Fraud Authority.  See also Police
Act Act of Parliament  [law] :Act :lawAct law =A statute =primary legislation.  Typically, an Act starts as a green paper for consultation, then a white paper, then it becomes a Bill (with 'clauses').  It's debated (Commons and Lords), approved, receives Royal Assent (Queen's signature), becoming an Act.  It's divided into parts, chapters and 'sections' (paragraphs).  Later, it may be amended, and sometimes parts are repealed (ie cancelled).  Example of an Act: Charities Act 2006.  See also Regulations, SI
ACD Active Community Division (of the Home Office) -org :govCentr char Oversaw charities/NFPs.  Now part of the Cabinet Office
ASA Advertising Standards Authority www.asa.org.uk
ASA logo (courtesy of the ASA)
-org aNFP consumerAd The official regulator (for both print and broadcast media).  Funded by a 0.1% levy on the advertising industry.  (Note: Strictly speaking it's not part of government).  Also note it's called 'Authority' - not 'Association'
ASA Advertising Standards Authority :
Database of adjudications
=their decisions on complaints
web aNFP consumerAd The full text of thousands of adjudications (decisions) on potentially misleading adverts - including clothing collection leaflets/bags.  Complaints are upheld, partly upheld or not upheld.  Excellent, meaty
ASA Advertising Standards Authority and clothing collections - our page %cb   consumerAd  
ASASA Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa -nat aNFP natzZA consumerAd ! Don't confuse this with the UK's ASA.
An intriguing site.  An interesting contrast to the UK's ASA
  Africa (the continent) -nat ::nation natzz Perhaps 25% of UK house-to-house collected clothes are exported to Africa - usually for sale.  See also Eastern Europe
  Aid Alert -org charity char-NG-I Investigates and exposes aid fraud (3rd world).  UK-based
AA air ambulance -org charity charAA Eg Midlands Air Ambulance charity (MAA), Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity (YAA)
AA Air ambulances and collections - our five pages %cb   charAA On Air Ambulances (and the AAA).
Also on AA clothing scams (AAS, AASCIC etc)
TAAS air ambulances :
"The Air Ambulance Service"
-org charity charAA One of 5 related bona fide companies apparently set up by Warwicks & Northants AA charity (WNAA) around Aug 2011.  See Companies House website.
Don't confuse them with "AAS" (scam)
AAS Air Ambulance Service (Ltd) -org co charAAscam Clothing collection scam 2009+.  See also AASTC
AASTC Air Ambulance Service (Trading Co) Ltd -org co charAAscam Clothing collection scam 2009+.  See also AAS
AASCIC Air Ambulance Support Community Interest Company (CIC) -org co charAAscam Clothing collection scam 2010+.  Run by a Lithuanian in Birmingham.  See also AAS
AAA Association of Air Ambulances in the UK -org assoc charAA Worthy, not-for-profit umbrella body for the 20 or so AA charities in the UK
ACS Association of Charity Shops -org assoc charShops Now called the 'Charity Retail Association'
ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers -org assoc police-NG Association for senior police officers.
See also Police Federation of E & W
  Bar Council -org assoc law-NG Professional body for barristers (in England and Wales).  See also Law Society (=solicitors)
Y&Y BBC Radio 4 "You and Yours"  [radio programme, daily Mon-Fri] prog aPublicB consumerNG Excellent daily programme on consumer issues.  They've done reports on clothing collections.  Useful related programmes are "Face the Facts", "File on 4", "Analysis"
WD BBC TV "Watchdog"  [TV programme] prog aPublicB consumerNG Weekly programme on consumer issues including scams.  (They've done reports on clothing collections.)  Includes "Rogue Traders" features.  Useful related programmes are "Panorama", "The Money Programme", "Inside Out"
  bizzy  bizzy.co.uk web co companies-I A commercial company (HQ in Cambs).  A provider of company information, better-than-average
  Bogus charity clothing collections
[A briefing paper for MPs, prepared by the House of Commons Library - 7 Oct 2010, a 9-page PDF file]
doc :govCenP charCollect Published just before the 'Westminster Hall' debate on bogus collections, held on 13 Oct 2010
BC borough council -org :govLocal govLocal A type of district council.  Responsible for collection licensing (except in London).  See also CC, DC, LB, UC
BAILII British and Irish Legal Information Institute -org assoc law-NG A not-for-profit body.  Website has lots of free legal resources - eg legislation and case law
BIOA British and Irish Ombudsman Association -org assoc gov Not-for-profit independent umbrella organisation
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
- organisation, programmes, website
-org aPublicB infoMedia Huge high-quality website - including numerous articles on collections.  See also 'You and Yours', 'Watchdog'.  Media
  Business Link  businesslink.gov.uk
Business Link logo
-org :govCentr info "Business Link is government's online resource for businesses ... Business support, information and advice."  It's the sister website to DirectGov (which is aimed at consumers/individuals)
BPRs Business Protection Regulations 2008 :Reg :lawReg consumer See also CMARs - consumer matters
  Cabinet Office
Cabinet Office logo
-org :govCentr char The 'lead' Whitehall department in government for charities and other not-for-profit bodies.  They issue 'National Exemption Orders' (NEOs) to large charities re house-to-house collections (under the 1939 Act).  See also OCS, OTS, HOEO
  Cabinet Office Strategy Unit -org :govCentr char
CFOI Campaign for Freedom of Information -org assoc FoI FoI.  Not-for-profit pressure group
  Campaigns and campaigning - our page %cb   char-NG With examples of not-for-profit campaigns
  Cards for Good Causes -org aNFP char-_fundC Eg charity Christmas cards.  A popular form of fundraising
CSS Cascading Style Sheets Wikipedia icon _abb IT IT-web Web page language (an extension of HTML).  Used for some of the site's drop-down menus
C4C Cash for clothes (purchasing) _term   recyclingTex Several companies now offer cash for your unwanted clothes - eg 40p per kilogram (equiv to £400 per tonne).  With some schemes, you take your items to them.  Other cos offer to visit you (with weighing scales).  Increasingly common - eg with schools, nurseries, local NFPs`
CG central government -org :govCentr govCentral ='Whitehall' =national government - eg Home Office, Cabinet Office, BIS, DCLG, OFT, Charity Commission.  Staffed by 'civil servants'.
See also local government
  Charities: individual charities -org charity char See the Charity Commission's register of charities (180,000 in England & Wales).
See also our List of clothing collectors %cb
  Charities - our page %cb   char-NG  
1960 Act Charities Act 1960 :Act :lawAct char Law.  This established the central register of charities (maintained by the Charity Commission for E & W)
1992 Act Charities Act 1992 :Act :lawAct char Law.  The Act's provisions regarding charitable collections were never implemented
2006 Act Charities Act 2006 :Act :lawAct char A law.  It includes new rules on controlling charitable collections.  However, they've not been  implemented so far.  So the rules in the 1939 Act (and 1916 Act) are still in force
  Charities Act 2006 :
Charity law reforms and the Charities Act 2006 - our page
%cb :lawAct char Law reforms
  Charities Act (Northern Ireland) 2008 :Act :lawAct natNI char Law.  Parts are not yet in force (at April 2011).  See also the 1952 Act
CAT Charities Advisory Trust -org charity char-NG Helps other charities
CAF Charities Aid Foundation -org charity char-NG "Helping donors and charities to be effective" - especially finance
  Charities and Benevolent Fundraising (Scotland) Regulations 2009 :Reg :lawReg natScotland char Law - Scotland
  Charities and honesty - our page %cb   char-NG On inefficiency, errors, fraud etc
  Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 :Act :lawAct natScotland char Law.  This established the 'Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator' (OSCR).  "The next aspect of the Act that is due to be implemented relates to public collections. The Scottish Government and OSCR announced in Sept 2011 that they were beginning the process with informal consultation until the end of 2011 and formal consultations early 2012." (info off IoF's website)
  Charities fight over secondhand clothes market [article in The Guardian, 15 Nov 2009] mag co charCollect "Charities with [charity] shops complain about other charities linking up with commercial textile merchants".  A crucial article
  Charity and Door-to-Door Clothing Collections [a report by the Charity Commission 2003] doc :govCentr charCollect A 6-page report.  Excellent
  Charity cards - our page %cb   char-_fundC A popular form of fundraising.  Beware: The proceeds (=profit) going to the charity varies hugely - from 1% to 50%+
  Charity Choice [website and reference book] doc co char-NG "The encyclopaedia of charities on the Internet".  Published by Wilmington Ltd.  Also available as a book (A4 size).
CCCS Charity Clothes Collection Symposium 14 Sept 2011 - Central London
Jointly hosted by the FRSB and IoF
event charity charCollect 60 delegates.  Speakers included Tracey Crouch MP, Andy Foster (TSI), Nick Hurd MP, DI Amanda Lowe (NFIB), Wendy Mitchell (CRA).  The FRSB website has the speakers' PowerPoint presentations
CC, CCEW Charity Commission for England & Wales -org :govCentr char Est 1853.  Regulates charities.  See also OSCR (Scotland), CCNI (Northern Ireland)
CC Charity Commission for England & Wales :
Official register of charities
web :govCentr char Huge searchable database of all charities in England and Wales.  Includes objectives, names of trustees and some accounts info.
See also GuideStar, OpenCharities
CCNI Charity Commission for Northern Ireland -org :govCentr natNI char "CCNI was established in March 2009 as a non-Departmental Public Body [NDPB] supported by the Department for Social Development, and was constituted by the Charities Act (Northern Ireland) 2008."  Responsible for around 7,000 charities.  See also CC (E&W), OSCR (Scotland)
  Charity Facts CharityFacts.org web aNFP char-NG Website.  "...advice on issues like fundraising and administration costs".
"Charityfacts was founded by Adrian Sargeant of Bristol Business School (the UK's only Professor of Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising)."
  Charity Finance [magazine] mag co char-NG Magazine, est 1990, published 10 times a year by Civil Society Media Ltd
CFDG Charity Finance Directors Group -org charity char-NG "It champions best practice in finance management in the voluntary sector."  Founded 1987, 1,700 members
CLA Charity Law Association -org assoc char-NG Esp for lawyers specialising in charity law
CRA Charity Retail Association -org assoc charShops Re charity shops.  Formerly called "Association of Charity Shops" (ACS), est 1999.  A not-for-profit umbrella organisation.  In part, a pressure group.  See also ICSA.  Recycling (re-use)
CRA Charity Retail Association :
"Find a charity shop database" [searchable]
web assoc charShops Searchable for free on the website of the Charity Retail Association.  Gives details of around 7,000 shops in the UK
CRA Charity Retail Association :
Bogus collections reporting tool
web assoc charCollect "Help us collate evidence for the police."  "On-line Reporting Tool" (a contact form).  An innovative idea`
  Charity shops - our page %cb   charShops Including typical prices of goods (table)
  Charity shops :
Charity shops handbook [paperback book]
doc charity charShops Book by Hilary Blume - of the Charities Advisory Trust, pub 1995, around 200 pages, out-of-print?
  Charity shops :
Charity Shops Survey 20xx
[research report, published annually]
doc co charShops Published by Civil Society Media Ltd (London).  Approx £75.  First published 1991.  Info on profit margins, staffing, rent etc
  Charity shops :
Mary queen of [charity] shops
Programmes on BBC2 TV
prog aPublicB charShops Several TV series in 2008 and 2009.  Presented by retail expert Mary Portas.  Ms Portas gave hands-on advice to charity shops in an effort to boost their image and their sales
  Charity shops :
Setting up and running charity shops: an essential guide [book]
doc assoc charShops Book by John Tough.  Sold by the Charity Retail Association (around £50)
  Charity shops :
"Starting a charity shop - the KnowHow NonProfit guide"
web assoc charShops A useful up-to-date web guide by CRA (nee ACS)
CIWM Chartered Institution of Wastes Management -org assoc recycling-NG Professional body (a charity)
  CIC Regulator -org :govCentr companies Part of BIS.  CIC =Community Interest Company.  See also AASCIC (scam collector)
  Citizens Advice -org charity consumerNG Umbrella body for CABs.  Formerly known as "National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux" (NACAB).  Consumer advice.  See also CAB
  Citizens Advice guide to your rights [book, Penguin Ref, c700 pages]
doc charity consumerNG Based on the content of www.adviceguide.org.uk (the Citizens Advice website)
CAB Citizens Advice Bureau
Citizens Advice logo
-org charity consumerNG There are 400 local CAB charities in England and Wales.  Consumer matters.  See also 'Citizens Advice' (and NACAB)
  Citizens Advice consumer service -org :govCentr
consumer Official government consumer advice website and phone line.  Many websites suggest you ring them about suspicious collections. (The service replaces 'Consumer Direct')
CoLP City of London Police -org :govLocal police-I Only covers the "City" - ie the "square mile" (St Paul's etc).  Also it's "The national lead police force on fraud.  It provides a central resource for counter-fraud policing and oversees the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB)."  Some involvement with clothing collections.  See also Met Police
  Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 :Act :lawAct natScotland char Law.  Includes law controlling public charitable collections in Scotland
  Civil Society Media Ltd  [publisher] -org co char-NG Publishes 'Charity Finance', 'Fundraising' and 'Governance' (magazines), 'Charity Shops Survey' (an annual report).
Note:  Don't confuse this publisher's name with the government dept called "Office for Civil Society" (OCS)
  Clothes Aid www.clothesaid.co.uk -org co companies-I Reputable clothes collection company.  A national franchise
  Clothing collection companies -org co companies-I See our pages on collectors %cb (including images of leaflets and bags).  See also the Companies House register of companies
  Clothing collection companies :
Dissolved clothing collection companies
-org co companies-I Over 60 clothing collection companies have been dissolved.  ANY collection purporting to be by them is ILLEGAL.  Examples: Clothman Ltd, Kosta, Pajurys, Polotex, Rutex, Sparko, Tauras, Valewall, W&W Help.
See the A-Z List of Collectors page for details
  ClothingCollection.org  [website] web aNFP charCollect Website launched Nov 2006.  It was an innovative WordPress blog website, started by Donncha O Caoimh in Ireland - "exposing fake clothing collection charities".  Alas, the site was taken down in 2009
  Clothing collections by appointment (face-to-face) - by charity shops _term charity charCollect Some charity shops offer to collect your unwanted clothes, furniture etc from your home, if you ring them.  Invaluable for the disabled, elderly or people without a car.  The charity makes less profit than if you take them to the charity shop yourself - but it still raises much more proceeds than with normal house-to-house collections (and there's no risk of theft).  Example: British Heart Foundation (BHF)
  Commission for Local Administration in England
(=Local Government Ombudsman)
-org :govCentr govLocal Deals with complaints about local councils - eg failure to tackle bogus clothing collectors. See also the Parliamentary Ombudsman
CIC Community Interest Company -org co companies See also the CIC Regulator, AASCIC
  Community NI [Northern Ireland] web charity natNI char-NG Website run by NICVA (Belfast).  "Connecting the voluntary sector".  "A social networking site for people passionate about voluntary and community activity."  Includes a collaborative "Directory of over 5,000 voluntary and community organisations".  Content: 'Creative Commons' licence.  An innovative and inspiring site
CA Companies Acts :Act :lawAct companies These Acts (laws) regulate companies, including clothing collectors.  Eg the Companies Act 2006 (applies to all the UK).  See also:  BIS, Companies House, CI, CIC Regulator, RO
  Companies and company information - our page %cb   companies It focuses on how to find out about a clothing collector
CH Companies House  [registry] -org :govCentr companies The official government registry of companies.  Based in Cardiff (South Wales)
CH Companies House :
Official register of companies [database]
web :govCentr companies Huge searchable database of all companies (active and dissolved).  Free.
See also OpenCorporates
  Companies In The UK -org co companies-I A commercial company.  Supplies information on companies, including a free monitoring service (email alerts)
CRO Companies Registration Office
[Republic of Ireland]
-org :govCentr natz-RoI companies "The central repository of public statutory information on Irish companies and business names. The CRO operates under the aegis of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation."  Based in Dublin.  The Irish equivalent of the UK's 'Companies House'
  Company Check -org co companies-I A commercial company.  Supplies information on companies.  An innovative and unusual website - it supplies more info for free than most similar companies
  Company Director Check -org co companies-I A commercial company.  Supplies information on company directors.  An innovative and unusual website - it supplies more info for free than most similar companies.  Groundbreaking.  Part of 'Company Check'
CI Company Investigations -org :govCentr companies Part of the government's Insolvency Service (which is part of BIS).  Investigates active companies (eg bogus collectors).  Regulator
CAG Consumer Action Group -org aNFP consumerNGf Campaigns for customer rights (eg unfair bank charges).  "Free support and advice to help you with your consumer problems".  Website has many lively Consumer Forums (similar to 'Money Saving Expert' forums).  See also LFB, MSE, Rip-Off Britain
  Consumer Focus -org :govCentr consumer Formed from NCC etc.  Consumer matters
CPRs Consumer Protection Regulations 2008
OFT booklet on CPRs (PDF file)
:Reg :lawReg consumer Law.  Consumer matters (eg trading standards, OFT).  See also BPRs
CA Consumers' Association -org charity consumerNG Now called Which?  Consumer matters
CMARs Control of Misleading Advertisements Regulations [eg 1988] :Reg :lawReg consumerAd Eg consumer matters.  Superseded by the CPRs and BPRs.  See also ASA
COSLA Convention of Scottish Local Authorities -org :govLocal natScotland govLocal "COSLA is the representative voice of Scottish local government and also acts as the employers’ association on behalf of all 32 Scottish Councils."  See also LGA, NILGA, WLGA`
CC county council -org :govLocal govLocal Eg Devon, Durham, Kent, Lancs.  See also BC, DC, LB, UC
CPS Crown Prosecution Service www.cps.gov.uk -org :govCentr lawJustice Lawyers and administrators.  Serves police forces
  data.gov.uk web :govCentr govCentral "Opening up government".  New, innovative official central-government website.  See also FoI
DPA Data Protection Act(s)  [1984 and 1998] :Act :lawAct FoI-DPA Law.  Deals with data relating to an indentifiable living individual.  =Personal data (eg confidentiality).  See also FoI, ICO
BERR Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform -org :govCentr govCentral Created 28 June 2007.  Formerly the DTI.
Now part of BIS (2009+)
BIS Department for Business Innovation and Skills -org :govCentr govCentral Created 2009.  Formerly called DTI, then BERR
DCLG Department for Communities and Local Government
DCLG logo (courtesy of DCLG)
-org :govCentr govLocal Central government department.  Was ODPM.  Oversees local councils - including licensing of collections
DEFRA Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs -org :govCentr recycling Eg oversees waste and recycling policy
DRD, DRDNI Department for Regional Development [Northern Ireland] -org :govCentr natNI govCentral `
DSD, DSDNI Department for Social Development [Northern Ireland] -org :govCentr natNI govCentral Oversees charity issues in N Ireland.  See also the Charity Commission for NI (CCNI)
DTI Department of Trade and Industry -org :govCentr govCentral Became BERR, now called BIS
  Directgov  www.direct.gov.uk web :govCentr gov Large central official website (portal) for information on government (central and local).  See also Business Link
DBA Directory of British associations  [book & CD] doc co info Excellent high-quality resource.  One of several books by CBD Ltd including 'Councils, Committees and Boards' (CCB)
DSC Directory of Social Change
DSC logo
-org charity char-NG A charity, est 1974, 45 staff.  "Provides essential information and training to the voluntary sector to enable charities to achieve their mission."
DC district council -org :govLocal govLocal Responsible for collection licensing (except in London).  See also BC, CC, LB, UC
  donate, donated, donating, donation _term   charCollect These are crucial words - often used on clothing collection leaflets and bags.  In law, normally these words imply it's charitable giving (see dictionaries).  So the collection is illegal unless it has a licence from the local council (under the House to House Collections Act 1939).  So, use of the word "donate" may be critical in a prosecution of a collector
D-to-D, D2D Door-to-door _abb   charCollect Abbreviation.  See also house-to-house (H2H)
  Eastern Europe -nat ::nation natzz Consists of the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Poland, Ukraine, Russia etc (the former 'Eastern Bloc').  Around 50% (?) of UK house-to-house collected clothes go to Eastern Europe (especially Lithuania) - mostly for sale commercially.  See also Lithuania, Africa
EF Easyfundraising Ltd - our page
[A commercial fundraiser]
%cb   char-_fund Operates a cashback, click-through system for online shopping - helping to fund good causes.
"Air Ambulance Service" (AAS) was a member
E, Eng Flag of England (St George)England -nat ::nation natEngland The largest of the UK's 4 nations.
Unless otherwise stated, anything on the CharityBags website applies to England
  Enterprise Act 2002 :Act :lawAct consumer Law.  Trading standards can use this law to obtain written undertakings from misleading collectors.  See also CPRs, BPRs
EA Environment Agency -org :govCentr recycling A central government regulator - eg for waste disposal, recycling.  Issues licences to "waste carriers" (incl some clothing collectors)
ENCAMS Environmental Campaigns -org aNFP recycling-NG Eg recycling.  Runs various campaigns such as "Keep Britain Tidy".  Not-for-profit pressure group
EH Environmental Health -org :govLocal govLocalR The local council department often responsible for licensing (eg collections under the 1939 Act and 1916 Act).  Regulator
est established _abb   misc Abbreviation.  The date when an organisation was set up (eg charity)
F2F Face-to-face _abb charity char-_fund Fundraising term - eg 1916 Act, direct debit sign-ups.  See also PFRA
FSA Food Standards Agency -org :govCentr consumerAz Regulator with enforcement powers.  Works with local council environmental health and trading standards depts.  Parallels with enforcement of clothing collections
  Forums, blogs, comments postings etc web co info-web Valuable source of anecdotal info on collectors
  Fraud Act 2006 :Act :lawAct policeFraud Law.  Police powers - eg charges of deception (relevant to bogus clothing collectors).  See also Theft Acts
  Fraud Watchers fraudwatchers.org -org aNFP consumerNGf "Monitoring Internet fraud".  An international virtual organisation, not-for-profit.  Good website
TFN Freecycle The Freecycle Network -org charity recycling-NG Recycling (re-use) - a global not-for-profit grassroots organisation (est 2003 in Arizona, USA), passing on unwanted goods for free.  The UK branch is a charity.  See also Freegle
FoI, FOI Freedom of Information _abb   FoI FoI =open government etc.  See also DPA, ICO
  Freedom of Information (& data protection) - our page %cb   FoI  
FoIA Freedom of Information Act 2000 :Act :lawAct FoI Law.  Applies only to government.  Overseen by the ICO
FOISA Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 :Act :lawAct natScotland FoI Law - Scotland.  Enforced by the Scottish Information Commissioner (who deals only with FoI, not data protection).  Independent of the UK ICO
  Freegle -org assoc recycling-NG Formed in the UK, in 2009 by some Freecycle members.  Local grassroots groups, passing on unwanted goods for free (using email list hosted on Yahoo! Groups).  Abbrevn for 'Free and Legal'.  See also Freecycle
FoE Friends of the Earth www.foe.co.uk -org assoc recycling-NG Environmental campaigning group eg recycling.  Not-for-profit pressure group.  Includes over 250 local groups.
  Fundraising [magazine] mag co char-_fund Magazine, published 10 times a year by Civil Society Media Ltd
FRSB Fundraising Standards Board -org assoc char-_fund A regulator of charities/not-for-profits.  However, it has no powers to prosecute
  Gift aid  [scheme to help charities claim back tax on donations] _term :law char-_fund An innovative tax scheme operated by HMRC, allowing charities to claim back tax on your donations - of money or goods - eg at 28%.  Now used by some charity shops (eg with donated second-hand books)
  Give with care  [2-sided full-colour leaflet, warning about bogus clothing collections, pub 2008] doc :govCentr charCollect Produced in partnership by the Cabinet Office, Charity Commission, TSI, ASA, OFT, ACPO, LACORS, ACS and FRSB.  Pioneering.  Clothes Aid distributed 500,000 copies to homes
  Google Street View, Maps, Earth etc web co info-web Invaluable for desk-based research of collectors
gov Government -org :gov gov In the UK, government consists of :
1. The legislature (Parliament - eg MPs, peers, Ministers)
- they make the laws (eg Acts)
2. The executive (=central and local goverment)
=Whitehall, civil servants, town halls etc
3. The judiciary (the courts - eg judges)
  Government (central and local) - our page %cb   gov A brief guide
  Government :
Variations across the UK - our page
%cb   gov The differences between the four nations - in terms of government and regulation affecting collections (esp licensing, police, TSDs).  Also deals with London
GOSH Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children -org charity char-NG-I In Central London.  Clothing collections
  GuideStar UK www.guidestar.org.uk
GuidStar UK logo
-org charity char-NG Part of GuideStar International.
"...the most popular site on the Web for finding information about charities registered in England and Wales".
Offers some info which is not on the Charity Commission's site
  Headington.org.uk  [community website, Oxford]
Page on "charity" clothes collections
web aNFP charCollect By Stephanie Jenkins.  Includes a nice list of collections (with dates), a dozen images of collection leaflets, comments and useful links.
See also our page: headington.org.uk %cb
  Help us stamp out charity theft: Working with your local Neighbourhood Watch/Homewatch Group  8-page booklet by Clothes Aid (2010) doc co charCollect It mainly deals with theft of filled bags.  But it also gives some info on stopping bogus collectors.  Commendably, it refers to council licensing.  An excellent booklet
HMCTS Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service -org :govCentr lawJustice Created 1 April 2011.  Includes Magistrates courts, Crown courts, High court, Court of Appeal.  An agency of the Ministry of Justice.  See also Police`
HMSO Her Majesty's Stationery Office -org :govCentr info See OPSI
HO Home Office www.homeoffice.gov.uk -org :govCentr lawJustice Eg it oversees police forces.  It dealt with charity matters until 2006. See also MoJ
HOEO Home Office Exemption Order :Reg :lawReg charCollect Re charitable house-to-house collections.  Made under the 1939 Act.  Now called NEO
H-to-H, H2H House-to-house _abb   charCollect Abbreviation.  Eg H2H collections under the 1939 Act.  See also D2D
1952 Act House to House Charitable Collections Act (Northern Ireland) 1952 :Act :lawAct natNI charCollect Law.  This is the Northern Ireland equivalent of the House to House Collections Act 1939 (which covers England and Wales).  The police (PSNI) are responsible for licensing collections in NI.  See also the 2008 Act, CCNI
  House-to-house charitable collections :
Charity Commission for Northern Ireland:
Guidance on charity doorstep collections July 2011 [8-page PDF]
doc :govCentr natNI charCollect A useful document.  Mainly on clothing collections
  House-to-house charitable collections:  OSCR (Scotland):
'Charity Doorstep Collections: Making an Informed Choice' Feb 2007 [2-sided blue folding leaflet, PDF]
doc :govCentr natScotland charCollect Branded OSCR, but the wording is for E&W, NI and Scotland.  Covers both cash and clothing collections.  Alas, it says nothing about licensing, police, trading standards, reporting a suspicious collection, enforcement etc
  House-to-house charitable collections :
The law on house-to-house collections - our page
%cb   charCollect On the 'House to House Collections Act 1939' and Regulations
  House-to-house charitable collections :
Collection leaflets and bags
%cb   charCollect From the legal point of view, the wording and images on them is crucial (re: "Is it charitable? So, does it need a licence?").  Classed as "ephemera" by librarians
  House-to-house charitable collections :
How to tell: is a collection leaflet or bag 'genuine'? - our page
%cb   charCollect Including a checklist - eg how to scrutinise contact details (addresses, phone numbers, websites, email addresses) - and company nos, registered charity nos
  House-to-house charitable collections :
Fake collection leaflets/bags and impersonation - our page
%cb   charCollect Eg (a) Intersecond Ltd/Azzara/Do Not Delay, (b) Clothman Ltd and "Breakthrough Breast Cancer"
  House-to-house charitable collections :
List of prosecutions - our page
%cb   charCollect Details of prosecutions using the 1939 Act, Theft Acts, Fraud Act, trading standards law etc
  House-to-house charitable collections :
Myths and misunderstandings exposed
%cb   charCollect Some common misconceptions
  House-to-house charitable collections :
Charity clothing collections: Parliament and politicians
%cb   charCollect On questions, debates etc in the House of Commons (and Westminster Hall)
  House-to-house charitable collections :
Regulators of collections - our page
%cb   charCollect Council licensing depts (using the 1939 Act), the police, council trading standards, OFT, ASA etc
  House-to-house charitable collections :
Thefts of filled collection bags - our page
%cb   charCollect Including problems experienced by Clothes Aid
  House-to-house charitable collections :
Thefts of filled collection bags:
Dec 2007: Guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)
:law :law charCollect The CPS issued guidance saying that items left for collection by a charity [eg clothes] become the charity’s property as soon as they are put into its bag.  So anyone else taking the bags can be prosecuted for theft [by the police].  Guidance welcomed by charities
  House-to-house charitable collection licensing :
1. Council web pages on collections
:Lic :law charCollect Virtually all the 300 or so council licensing depts have at least 1 web page on H2H collections.  There are fascinating variations between them.  Most have licence application forms.  Some allow online applications.  Alas, most pages are aimed only at collectors.  They give little/no info to the public on bogus collections
  House-to-house charitable collection licensing :
2. Licence application forms produced by councils
:Lic :law charCollect Most councils provide them on their websites (eg as PDFs).  There are interesting variations in the questions asked, layout etc
  House-to-house charitable collection licensing :
3. Applications submitted by collectors for licences
:Lic :law charCollect Over the years, thousands of applications have been made to councils in England and Wales.  There is no fee
  House-to-house charitable collection licensing :
4. Council agendas, reports and minutes - on applications for charitable collection licences
:Lic :law charCollect Many are on the Net (eg PDFs).  A neglected resource.  Some are highly detailed, akin to case studies
  House-to-house charitable collection licensing :
5. Licences (issued by councils)
:Lic :law charCollect Over the years, thousands of collection licences have been issued by councils (and by the Met Police in London).  Issued using powers in the 1939 Act
  House-to-house charitable collection licensing :
6. Council registers of licences
:Lic :law charCollect There are around 300 council licensing depts in England & Wales.  All of them keep lists of licence applications.  In effect, these are registers.  The public are entitled to see the information (see FoI)
  House-to-house charitable collection licensing :
7. Returns (accounts) submitted by collectors to councils afterwards
doc :law charCollect A requirement of the 1939 Act.  Submitted by licensed collectors to councils after doing collections.  These give details of money or goods (eg clothes) collected, costs deducted, net proceeds going to the good cause etc
  House-to-house charitable collection licensing :
8. Monitoring and enforcement of house-to-house collections by councils - documentation
doc :law charCollect Including warning letters, prosecutions`
  House-to-house clothing collections :
Alan Stanton's Flickr site  headed: 'Good Cause' Collections
web aNFP charCollect Numerous photos of collection leaflets and bags, with text.  Excellent.  (Alan is a Councillor in N London)
  House to House Clothing Collections Guidance [pub by the Institute of Fundraising, Sept 2011, PDF, 6 pages] doc charity charCollect "This document was produced by the Institute of Fundraising [IoF], The Fundraising Standards Board [FRSB], The Textile Recycling Association (TRA), The Charity Retail Association (CRA) and Kidney Research UK."  A very useful document`
  House to House Collections Code of Fundraising Practice [pub by the Institute of Fundraising, April 2011, PDF, 16 pages] doc charity charCollect Eg differentiates between the words 'must', 'ought' and 'should'.  A very useful document`
  House-to-house clothing collections :
Westminster Hall (WH) debate: "Bogus charity collections" 28 Feb 2007
event :govCenP charCollect The main speaker was Jo Swinson MP (LibDem MP for East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow, Scotland).  The other speakers were: Jim Sheridan, Jim McGovern, Ed Miliband.  See also the WH debate on 13 Oct 2010.  See Hansard
  House-to-house clothing collections :
House of Commons questions on bogus charity bag collections 28 Oct 2009
event :govCenP charCollect Questions by Jeff Ennis.  Responses from Angela Smith (Minister).  Comment by Alun Michael.  See also the WH debate on 13 Oct 2010. The verbatim debates are on the Net - eg in Hansard
  House-to-house clothing collections :
Westminster Hall debate: "Bogus charity bag collections" 13 Oct 2010
event :govCenP charCollect Led by Tracey Crouch MP (Chatham and Aylesford , Kent).  Other speakers: Nick Hurd (Minister), Jo Swinson, Sarah Newton and Dr Therese Coffey.  See also the WH debate on 28 Feb 2007. The verbatim debates are on the Net - eg in Hansard
1939 Act House to House Collections Act 1939

:Act :lawAct charCollect Law.  Controls charitable house-to-house collections in England and Wales.  The 1939 Act.  See also the 1947 Regulations, NEO
1947 Regs House to House Collections Regulations 1947 :Reg :lawReg charCollect Law.  Made using powers in the 1939 Act.  Gives more detail (puts flesh on the bones)
NEO List House to house collections :
List of holders of a [National] Exemption Order [NEO]
doc :lawReg charCollect Published by the Cabinet Office.  NEOs are made using powers in the House to House Collections Act 1939.  There are 44 charities on the List now (eg Oxfam, Salvation Army)
  1. House-to-house collectors list - our page %cb   charCollect Around 200 entries, A-Z, a table
  2. House-to-house collectors - selected list - our page %cb   charCollect =Text and around 50 images of leaflets and bags
  House-to-house collectors :
3. Pages on individual collectors - our pages
%cb   charCollect Around 20 web pages.
See drop-down menus
IPCC Independent Police Complaints Commission -org :govCentr police See also Police
ICO Information Commissioner's Office -org :govCentr FoI Oversees FoI and DPAs.  A regulator
IoF Institute of Fundraising -org assoc char-_fund Est 1983.  Professional body.  See also FRSB, PFRA
IOL Institute of Licensing -org assoc govLocalRL Professional body.  Established 2003.  Their members deal with licensing of collections under the 1939 Act (and other matters).  See also NALEO, TSI
ITSA Institute of Trading Standards Administration -org assoc consumerNG Now called Trading Standards Institute
IWF Internet Watch Foundation iwf.org.uk
Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) logo (courtesy of IWF)
-org charity law_Enf "Established in 1996 by the internet industry to provide the UK internet Hotline for the public and IT professionals to report criminal online content ... an independent self-regulatory body, funded by the EU and the online industry...".  Involves monitoring and enforcement, multi-agency approach.  Website: good 'useful links' page.  Parallels with the online reporting schemes for clothing collections (eg the CRA's)
NI Ireland: Northern Ireland -nat ::nation natNI FlagOne of the UK's four nations.
=6 counties in NE Ireland.
See: 1952 Act, DRDNI, NILGA
Ireland (all): BAILII, BIOA`
RoI, .ie Ireland: Republic of Ireland (=Eire) Wikipedia icon Flag of Republic of Ireland -nat ::nation natz-RoI Also known as: Southern Ireland, Ireland, Irish Republic.  Population: 4.5 million.  Capital: Dublin.  See:
ICSA, police: Garda
Ireland (all): BAILII, BIOA`
.ie [.IE] Ireland: Republic of Ireland :
.ie =suffix for websites
-nat ::nation natz-RoI Abbreviation
ICSA Irish Charity Shops Association -org assoc natz-RoI charShops Not-for-profit body, est 2000.  Republic of Ireland.  See also CRA [UK].  Recycling (re-use)
JS JavaScript _abb IT IT-web A web page programming language (used for the site's drop-down menus and filter-tables)
KHNP KnowHow NonProfit -org charity char-NG Formed in 2008, an innovative organisation and website - designed to help charities/NFPs.  Lots of "how-to" guides on their site.  Now part of NCVO
  Law Commission -org :govCentr law "A statutory independent body created by the Law Commissions Act 1965 to keep the law under review and to recommend reform where it is needed".  "An advisory non-departmental public body [NDPB] sponsored by the Ministry of Justice [MoJ] "
  Law enforcement agencies -org :gov law_Enf The main agencies in the UK are:
Territorial police forces, special police forces (eg BTP, MDP);
Local councils (trading standards, environmental health, licensing, parking, planning, building control).  Agencies above marked in bold deal with clothing collections.
(Note: Organisations such as ASA, CABs, FRSB, IoF and 'Which?' are NOT enforcement agencies)
LLRX Law Library Resource Exchange www.llrx.com web aNFP law-NG Good American (US) website, started in 1996 by Sabrina I Pacifici.  "Law and technology resources for legal professionals ... a free, independent, one-person produced Web journal...".  Some info on UK law
  Law on the Web -org co law-NG Created 1999.  Now owned by a solicitor (Brad Askew).  "Helping you find the right legal advice."  Disseminates free legal advice
  Law Society for England & Wales -org assoc law-NG Professional body for solicitors.  See also Bar Council
  legislation.gov.uk web :law law Free official copies of Acts and Regulations.  Formerly held on the websites of OPSI and 'Statute Law Database' (SLD)
LFB Let's Fix Britain web aNFP consumerNGf A not-for-profit website on consumer issues, personal experiences with bureaucracy etc.  Produced by one person, thought-provoking, well-intended, vivid anecdotes.  Parts of it are controversial.
See also CAG, MSE, Rip-Off Britain
  Liberty (NCCL) -org assoc law-NG Pressure group (founded 1934) - civil liberties, human rights, including FoI and DPA.
The Civil Liberties Trust (a charity) is a sister organisation
LIS Libraries and information centres
Books etc
-org :gov
info The British Library (BL), public libraries, FE and HE libraries, associations' libraries etc.  An invaluable free resource.  Many have online catalogues and full-text resources.  Many premises offer access to the Internet.  CILIP site
LA2003 Licensing Act 2003 :Act :lawAct govLocalRL Law: Local council licensing of alcohol, entertainments etc
LA licensing authority -org :govLocal govLocalRL Regulator - especially local councils
LD licensing department -org :govLocal govLocalRL A regulator.  Eg the 1939 Act
  Licensing regimes - our page %cb   govLocalR  
.lt [.LT] Lithuania [country] -nat ::nation natzLT Joined the EU in 2004.  A small country in Eastern Europe.  .LT is their website suffix (country code).
Many UK clothing collectors are Lithuanian (eg Intersecond Ltd).  See also Africa
LACORS Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services -org assoc govLocalR Now called: "Local Government Regulation" or "LG Regulation"
LA local authority -org :govLocal govLocal A local council (=local government).  See BC, CC, DC, LB, UC
  LocalGov.co.uk -org co govLocal Large website on local government.  Owned by Hemming Group Ltd
LG local government -org :govLocal govLocal Local authorities =local councils (=districts, boroughs, counties, London Boroughs, unitaries) ="town halls".
See also central government
  Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985 :Act :lawAct FoI Law.  An early attempt at Freedom of Information legislation (eg local council meetings)
LGA1972 Local Government Act 1972 :Act :lawAct charCollect Law.  A major re-organisation of local government.
Regarding charitable collections, it transferred responsibility for their licensing (including enforcement) from the police to local council licensing departments (except in London)
LGA Local Government Association -org assoc govLocal Umbrella body for local councils in England.  See also COSLA, NILGA, WLGA
IDeA Local Government Improvement and Development -org assoc govLocal "supports improvement and innovation in local government...".  Linked to the LGA.  Formerly known as "IDeA"
LGIU Local Government Information Unit -org assoc govLocal  
LGLF Local Government Licensing Forum -org assoc govLocalRL Formed 1996.  Now called IOL
Local Government Regulation -org assoc govLocalR Formerly called LACORS.  Re regulators
-org :govLocal govLocal The 'Greater London Authority' (GLA) is the upper tier (eg transport).  The lower tier =the 32 London Boroughs and the City of London Corporation.  10% of the UK's population live in Greater London (around 7 million people).  There's Inner London and Outer London (=the suburbs).
Licensing of charitable collections :  The arrangement is unique - it's dealt with by the police (the Metropolitan Police).  See: Met Police, LB
LB London Borough -org :govLocal govLocal A type of district council.  There are 32 London Boroughs - eg LB of Westminster, LB of Croydon.  Each LB has a trading standards dept.
(Note: The 'City of London Corporation' is the 33rd council in London.)
LCF London College of Fashion -org aNFP recyclingTex Part of "University of the Arts London".  Influences the design, raw materials and manufacture of clothing.  Ties in with 2nd-hand clothing and re-use issues.  Site has research papers on sustainable clothing etc
  Maximising Reuse and Recycling of UK Clothing and Textiles
[2 reports, pub Oct & Dec 2009, 32 pages & 128 pages, PDFs, free]
doc co recyclingTex High-quality, detailed research reports produced by Oakdene Hollins Ltd (consultancy) for the government (DEFRA).  Lots of meaty statistics
  media: Clothing collections in the media - our page %cb   infoMedia Articles in newspapers and magazines.
Programmes on TV and radio
MP, MPS, Met Metropolitan Police
www.met.police.uk/charities/ =licensing of collections
-org :gov police-I The police force for Greater London (except the City of London).  30,000 officers.  Regulator.  Answerable to the Home Office and Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA).
Licenses house-to-house collections (1939 Act)
DOC Microsoft Word Document _abb IT IT File extension for Microsoft Word documents
MoJ Ministry of Justice -org :govCentr lawJustice Oversees courts etc.  See also Police, Home Office
MSE Money Saving Expert -org aNFP consumerNGf Martin Lewis's organisation and website (with lively forums).  Includes info on scam collections.  See also CAG, LFB, Rip-Off Britain
MYB Municipal Year Book and MYB online doc co govLocal Authoritative directory of local government (reference book and website)
NAPE National Association for Planning Enforcement -org assoc govLocalR Membership body for local council planning enforcement staff (part of RTPI).  Parallels with council licensing and TSD.  See also IoL, NALEO, TSI
NALEO National Association of Licensing and Enforcement Officers -org assoc govLocalRL Professional body.  Their members deal with various council licensing regimes, including charitable collections under the 1939 Act.  See also Institute of Licensing (IoL)
NALC National Association of Local Councils -org assoc govLocal Not-for-profit umbrella body for the 10,000 parish and town councils.  BEWARE! - these are the lowest (3rd) tier of government - don't confuse them with district or county councils
NAO National Audit Office www.nao.org.uk -org :govCentr govCentral Independently scrutinises public spending (central government only).  ".org.uk" suffix.
(Note: The Audit Commission deals with local government accounts.  It's expected to be disbanded.)
NCC National Consumer Council -org :govCentr consumerNG Now part of Consumer Focus
NCVO National Council for Voluntary Organisations [covers England] -org charity char-NG Founded 1919.  Umbrella organisation - helps other charities/not-for-profits in England.  There are similar CVO organisations in Scotland, Wales and NI - see SCVO, WCVA, NICVA
NEO national Exemption Order :Reg :lawReg charCollect Law.  Made under the 1939 Act.  Around 43 charities have one of these Orders (eg Oxfam, Scope).  It means they don't need to get house-to-house collection licences off local councils.  NEOs are issued by the Cabinet Office (Whitehall)
NFA National Fraud Authority -org :govCentr policeFraud An executive agency of the Home Office.  Regulator.  See also Police, NFIB, Action Fraud
NFIB National Fraud Intelligence Bureau -org :govCentr policeFraud Funded by the Home Office.  See also Police
nat nation -nat ::nation nat Items that don't relate to England, begin with "nat" in the Subject column, so they group separately when sorted.  Examples: "natScotland", "natWales", "natz"
NW, NHW Neighbourhood Watch -org assoc police-NG Local volunteers - working with the police.  Could be used more, to stop bogus collections
NPOV Neutral point of view _abb   info Eg Wikipedia's rules on avoiding bias
N Newspaper mag   infoMedia 'N' =abbreviation on the site's drop-down menus
  Newspapers and magazines (articles)
mag co infoMedia Nowadays many are available online (eg The Guardian).  Articles are excellent sources of information
Newspapers: National, regional, local
  Nominet UK

(see also Misuse of ".org.uk" - our page %cb)
-org assoc IT-web Official registry for ".uk" web addresses (domain names) eg ".co.uk", ".org.uk".  Regulator (eg websites of bogus collectors such as AAS)
NDPB Non-departmental public body -org :govCentr govCentral A QUANGO
NG Non-government  [our term] -org aNFP co char-NG Used In this List, we mean any non-government organisation - ie third sector or a company.  cf NGO
NGO Non-governmental organisation Wikipedia icon -org aNFP char-NG Non-government organisations which are not-for-profit - eg charities.  The 'third sector'
NICVA Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action -org charity natNI char-NG See also NCVO [=England], SCVO, WCVA
NILGA Northern Ireland Local Government Association -org :govLocal natNI govLocal See also COSLA, LGA, WLGA`
NFP Not-for-profit -org aNFP char-NG Eg charities.  ="the third sector"
OHL Oakdene Hollins Ltd -org co recyclingTex A company.  Does research and consultancy.  Produces reports for government (DEFRA), eg on recycling.  In late 2009, they produced two good reports on re-use of textiles/clothing (PDFs, free)
OCS Office for Civil Society -org :govCentr char Created May 2010.  Part of the Cabinet Office.  The lead dept on charity/NFP matters.  Formerly called the 'Office of the Third Sector' (OTS).  Includes the 'Big Society' initiative.  Issues national Exemption Orders (NEOs) re charitible H2H collections
ONS Office for National Statistics
ONS logo
-org :govCentr info Part of central government.  A wealth of UK statistics, eg retail clothing sales, recycling, crime.  They ran the Census 2011
OFT Office of Fair Trading www.oft.gov.uk -org :govCentr consumer A central government agency.  Eg consumer issues.  Runs the 'Consumer Direct' 0845 helpline.  A regulator
OPSI Office of Public Sector Information / Her Majesty's Stationery Office -org :govCentr info Publisher.  Also deals with Crown copyright of government information.  See also TSO
ODPM Office of the Deputy Prime Minister -org :govCentr govCentral Eg oversaw local government.  Now called DCLG
OPCA Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration (the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman) -org :govCenP gov-Parl "Our role is to consider complaints that government departments, a range of other public bodies in the UK, and the NHS in England, have not acted properly or fairly or have provided a poor service."
Note that the website's suffix is ".org.uk"
See also the Local Government Ombudsman
OSCR Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator -org :govCentr natScotland char Regulator.  Scottish equivalent of the Charity Commission for England and Wales.  See also CCNI
OTS Office of the Third Sector
[was part of the Cabinet Office]
-org :govCentr char Created May 2006.  Abolished May 2010.  It was responsible for charities and NFPs (including the issuing of national Exemption Orders for H2H collections).  It was part of the Cabinet Office.  See OCS
OA open access _term   info Information - eg scholarly articles in journals, books.
We recognise up to five characteristics:
- Publicly available (eg FoI) = not private/secret
- Easily accessible - it's online
- Available free (not charged-for)
- Free of most copyright/licensing restrictions
- The authors are not paid for contributing
Related to the issue of freeware and open source software.
See also Open data, CFOI, FoI
  Open data :
OpenCharities  OpenCharities.org
web co char-NG An innovative new data website (at 2011).  "A new project to open up the UK Charities Register".  Raises issues of FoI, DPA, copyright
See also OpenCorporates, Openly Local
OC Open data :
OpenCorporates  OpenCorporates.com
web co companies-I An innovative new data website (alpha version), run by Chrinon Ltd.  Not-for-profit?  Provides free company information.  Info on 27 million companies in 34 jurisdictions (countries)
See also OpenCharities, Openly Local
  Open data :
Openly Local  http://OpenlyLocal.com/
OpenlyLocal icon
web co govLocal An innovative new data website.  "Making local government more transparent".  Includes statistics, accounts and a directory of 500 hyperlocal sites (eg community websites)
See also OpenCharities, OpenCorporates
org.uk org.uk  [website address suffix] :
Misuse of '.org.uk' web addresses - our page
%cb IT IT-web This website suffix was meant to indicate that the organisation is not-for-profit (eg charities).  However, so far, Nominet's T&Cs don't allow them to enforce this - BEWARE !  See also AAS
  Parliament www.parliament.uk -org :govCenP gov-Parl =House of Commons (MPs) and House of Lords (peers).  They make our laws (Acts and Regulations).  MPs Jo Swinson and Tracey Crouch take a special interest in clothing collections.
See also:  Hansard (eg 28 Feb 2007, 13 Oct 2010), legislation.gov.uk, politicians
  Parliament: Hansard web :govCenP gov-Parl Official record of what was said in Parliament (eg debates, questions, statements).  Includes several items on clothing collections (eg 28 Feb 2007, 13 Oct 2010)
  Penman and Sommerlad Investigate [Daily Mirror articles and website] -org co consumerNG Excellent information resource on scams - including clothing collections (Daily Mirror newspaper articles and website).  Media
  Philanthropy UK philanthropyuk.org web charity char-NG "Philanthropy UK is the leading resource for free and impartial advice to aspiring philanthropists who want to give effectively. We develop and share current information and best practice on giving..."
Publishes "A guide to giving" (book).
Site hosted by the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) - a charity
PPP, PpP PhonepayPlus -org aNFP consumerAz "The organisation that regulates phone-paid services in the UK.  These are the premium rate goods and services that you can buy by charging the cost to your phone bill and pre-pay account."  It's a non-profit-making company Limited by Guarantee.  Answerable to Ofcom.  Previously known as ICSTIS
PEC Plain English Campaign -org co infoLang "Fighting for crystal-clear communication since 1979."  In part, a pressure group - eg fights gobbledygook / jargon, campaigns for better communication.  See also PLC
PLC Plain Language Commission -org co infoLang In part, a pressure group.  See also PEC
PL PlainLanguage.gov web :govCentr infoLang "Improving communication from the Federal government to the Public".  Good US government website (maintained by PLAIN).  See also PEC, PLC
PACE Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 :Act :lawAct police Law.  Eg police procedures for interviewing suspects (including clothing collectors)
PCeU Police Central e-crime Unit -org :gov police "Jointly funded by the Home Office and Metropolitan Police to provide a national investigative response to the most serious incidents of cyber-crime."  "We tackle those responsible for the most serious incidents of: Computer intrusion, Distribution of malicious code, Denial of service attack, Internet-enabled fraud."
  Police Federation of England and Wales -org assoc police-NG "A staff association for all police constables, sergeants and inspectors (including chief inspectors).  It represents 125,000 police officers.  It was created by the Police Act 1919."  There are around 30 local branches.  See also ACPO
  Police forces -org :gov polic-e There are 43 territorial police forces in England and Wales.
As of March 2010, police numbers (E & W) were:
- Police officers: 143,734
- Police Community Support Officers: 16,918
- Other staff (esp 'civilians'): 79,596

Until 1974 they handled licensing of charitable collections (1939 and 1916 Acts).
(In London and Northern Ireland, the police are still the licensing authority for collections.)
=Regulators.  See also Met Police, CoLP, NFIB, PSNI
  Police forces - our page %cb   polic-e  
  Police: Ireland: Garda 'An Garda Síochána' www.garda.ie -org :gov natz-RoI police Republic of Ireland.  Ireland's national police service
  Police Oracle Network www.PoliceOracle.com web co police-NG "The leading independent policing website in the UK."  "The default online resource for all information for the UK Policing community."  Includes forums.  The site is run by the NSI.Group
PSNI Police Service of Northern Ireland www.psni.police.uk -org :gov natNI police 7,100 regular officers, 2,500 support staff.  The police are responsible for licensing charitable house-to-house collections in NI.  See also CCNI
SC Special Constabulary  www.PoliceSpecials.com -org :gov police UK's part-time police force.  Min of 16 hours per month.  Volunteers, with full police powers
  Political parties and politicians -org :gov gov They control government.  Elected politicians:
- Constituency MPs
- Local councillors
You can contact them in the hope of influencing government - eg persuading regulators to take action against bogus collectors.  See also Parliament
PDF Portable Document Format _abb IT IT Abbreviation for Adobe Acrobat document file
PR Press release doc   infoMedia PR =abbreviation on the site's drop-down menus
  Public Charitable Collections (Scotland) Regulations 1984 and 1988 :Reg :lawReg natScotland charCollect Law - Scotland
PFRA Public Fundraising Regulatory Association -org assoc char-_fund "Charity-led membership body that self-regulates all forms of direct debit 'face-to-face fundraising' (F2F)" - eg re 1916 Act
  Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 :Act :lawAct natScotland char Law.  "Introduces requirements for charities to indicate their charitable status and registration number on their websites."  (It deals also with other matters)
QUANGO Quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation -org :govCentr govCentral Eg central government agencies
RO Registered Office _abb co companies Abbreviation.  Official address of a company - used by Companies House.  Beware - it may be only an "accommodation" address (ie c/o)
Regs Regulations  [of Parliament, =law] :Reg :lawReg law =Secondary legislation.  Made under powers in a section of a specific Act of Parliament.  Regulations put 'flesh on the bones' of an Act, giving detail (procedures etc).  Similar to Orders and Statutory Instruments (SIs).
Example: The H2H Collections Regulations 1947, made under the 1939 Act.  See also Act, 1939 Act, SI
  Re-use and recycling - our page %cb   recycling-NG See also charity shops
  Rip-Off Britain [website] web aNFP consumerNGf "The consumers' champion".  Deals with scams, injustices etc.  A website with attitude.  Thought-provoking.  See also CAG, LFB, MSE
  SafeFromScams [website] -org aNFP consumerNG Funded by John Rowlinson (a philanthropic businessman).  It includes a page on clothing collections
  Safer Giving Campaign
[by the Charity Commission, ongoing]
web :govCentr char-_fund " The main aim of the campaign is to raise public awareness about safe ways to donate to charity and to stamp out fraudulent collections which have nothing to do with genuine good causes."  Mainly aimed at cash collections (not clothes).  Includes a 'Safer Giving code'.  See also "Give with care" leaflet (re H2H clothing) of 2009
SNT Safer Neighbourhoods Team -org :gov police Local police unit
  ScamBusters  scambusters.org -org aNFP consumerNG US not-for-profit website
  Scams, cons etc - our page %cb   consumerNG See also trading standards, OFT
  Scotland -nat ::nation natScotland It has its own parliament, with MSPs.
The law is somewhat different from E & Wales. See:  Charities ... (Scotland) Act 2005, COSLA, OSCR, SC, Scotland Office etc
  Scotland Office -org :govCentr natScotland govCentral "Representing Scotland's interests in the UK Government".  "Oiling the wheels of devolution".  Eg 'reserved matters' vs 'devolved matters'
SC Scottish charity -org charity natScotland char The OSCR uses the "SC" prefix for the registration numbers of Scottish charities.  Example: SC040473
SCVO Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations -org charity natScotland char-NG "The national body for Scotland's charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises."  Umbrella organisation.  The Scots equivalent of the NCVO in England.  See NCVO, NICVA, WCVA
  Scottish Government -org :govCentr natScotland govCentral "The devolved government for Scotland is responsible for most of the issues of day-to-day concern to the people of Scotland, including health, education, justice, rural affairs, and transport."
SHC Second-hand clothing _abb   recyclingTex SHC =abbreviation used by Oxfam
'Textiles' is a broader term - including bedding, towels and curtains
s Section :Act :lawAct law The name used for a paragraph in an Act of Parliament.  Example: 's14(8)' (which means section 14, sub-section 8)
SFO Serious Fraud Office -org :govCentr policeFraud "An independent government department that investigates and prosecutes serious or complex fraud.  It’s part of the UK criminal justice system."  Regulator.  See also Police
SOCA Serious Organised Crime Agency -org :gov police "They have the combined powers of police, customs and immigration officers."
SSI Server side include _abb IT IT-web Used on the website to allow the same block of information to be used on several web pages (eg headers and footers).  They make a better site (and allow us to get to bed earlier)
  Social media sites eg Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, YouTube, Flickr web co info-web a) source of information on collections etc
b) quick way of spreading news on collections
eg see Keith Kondakor (f) Alan Stanton (Flickr)
  Statistics - our page %cb   info  
SLD Statute Law Database web :law law Was the official website for UK Acts and Regulations - eg the 1939 Act.  Superseded by legislation.gov.uk
SI Statutory Instrument :Reg :lawReg law A Regulation or Order (made under an Act of Parliament ).  Law
  Steptoe and Son  BBC TV series (1962+) prog aPublicB recycling-NG Classic BBC TV comedy about two rag-and-bone men in London.  They were a poignant example of traditional commercial re-use/recycling - including clothes collected house-to-house
1916 Act Street collections :
Police, Factories, etc (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1916
:Act :lawAct charCollectS A law.  Deals with the licensing of charitable street collections (=static collectors - eg in shopping centres with tins).
NB: Don't confuse with house-to-house collections (which are controlled by the 1939 Act)
1974 Regs Street collections :
Charitable Collections (Transitional Provisions) Order 1974
:Reg :lawReg charCollectS Law.  Regulations made under the 1916 Act.  Detailed rules regarding street collections
1979 Regs Street collections :
Street Collections (Metropolitan Police District) Regulations 1979
:Reg :lawReg charCollectS Law.  Regulations made under the 1916 Act.  Detailed rules regarding street collections in London (Met Police)
  Street collections :
Local [charitable] street collection Regulations (total: around 200)
:Reg :lawReg charCollectS Law.  Made by district councils using discretionary powers in the 1916 Act.  These are specific to each council.  There are around 200 of these Regulations (=80% of all district councils).  Basically they're 'byelaws'
ToC Table of Contents _abb IT IT Eg at the top of many of the site's pages
  Textile recycling - our page %cb   recyclingTex =Clothes, bedding, towels, curtains etc.
They're made of woven fabric - consisting of :
- plant materials (especially cotton)
- animal hair (especially wool)
- man-made materials (eg acrylic, rayon, nylon, elastine)
Extras:  buttons, hooks, zips, velcro, wire
TRA Textile Recycling Association
-org assoc recyclingTex UK trade umbrella body.  Pressure group.  A few large charities are members (eg Oxfam, Scope).  Recycling and re-use
  Textile recycling information sheet web   recyclingTex Produced by "Waste Online".  6 print-pages.  Includes statistics.  Good
TRAID Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development [a charity] -org charity char-NG-I "TRAID is a charity working to make the nation's unwanted clothes matter. We divert clothes from landfill at our textile recycling banks, and after hand sorting, we resell the best in our legendary TRAID [charity] shops."
Founded 1999, using seized assets of the 'Humana UK' charity
  The Free Library  "by Farlex Inc" [US] web co info "18 million articles and books".  A useful, searchable free resource - eg its archive of articles from local newspapers in the UK.  Also runs "The Free Dictionary" website
  Theft Acts 1968, 1978, 1996 Wikipedia icon :Act :lawAct police Law.  Police powers.  Parts were repealed by the Fraud Act 2006 (eg deception)`
  The impact of the second-hand clothing trade on developing countries   [report by Oxfam] doc   recyclingTex By Sally Baden and Catherine Barber.  Pub Sept 2005, 37 pages
  The Missing List -org aNFP info Little-known, innovative British not-for-profit orgn and website - with police appeals, lost assets etc.  Includes info on collections (eg try searching it for "clothing collection")
TNW The New Walford: Guide to reference resources  [books, 3 volumes] doc co info 3 massive authoritative volumes.  Includes websites.  Published by Facet (CILIP)
TSO The Stationery Office www.tso.co.uk -org co info Publisher (formerly part of central government).  See also HMSO and OPSI
TS Third Sector  [website & weekly magazine]
Third Sector magazine logo
mag co char-NG Covers the voluntary and not-for-profit sector (eg charities).  Published by Haymarket Ltd.  The magazine has 80,000 readers.  Website has a free database of 21,000 articles since 2002 - excellent.  Includes articles on clothing collections
  Trading Standards Central -org assoc consumerNG Website maintained by TSI.  Eg consumer issues
TSD trading standards department -org :govLocal consumer The departments ('TSDs') are part of local councils.  They're regulators, with enforcement powers.  There are approx 100 TSDs in the UK
TSI Trading Standards Institute -org assoc consumerNG Professional body.  Eg consumer issues
  Tvind Alert  www.TvindAlert.com -org aNFP char-NG-I International not-for-profit campaign exposing Tvind, Planet Aid, Humana, Teachers Group (TG), DAPP etc (eg misleading clothing collections and clothing banks)
  Tvind: BBC Radio 4 "Face the Facts" :
Programme on "Planet Aid", incl clothing banks and collections: transcript, 22 Aug 2008
prog co char-NG-I John Waite on Planet Aid, Humana and Tvind.  Includes the saga of clothing banks, placed without permission, at Asda supermarkets.  See also Tvind Alert, Aid Alert
  UNISON  [trade union] -org assoc govLocal Trade union for public sector workers, esp local government (and NHS).  1.3 million members, including council licensing officers, trading standards officers
UC unitary council -org :govLocal govLocal A type of local council.  Single-tier, all-in-one.  Responsible for collection licensing (except in London).  Includes trading standards. Examples: Derby, Reading, Cornwall.
See also:  BC, CC, DC, LB
UK, GB United Kingdom Union Jack flag
Map of the British Isles (courtesy of Wikipedia)
-nat ::nation natA Consists of 4 nations: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (NI).
'Great Britain' means the UK except N Ireland.
'Britain' means either Great Britain or the UK.
'British Isles' =the UK plus Republic of Ireland
UK population table (courtesy of Wikipedia)
  Useful Links pages on other websites web   info-web Many websites have pages called 'Useful Links', 'resources' etc.  Alas, some have few entries, no comments and/or are out-of-date.  But others are gems - and extremely useful.  Example: IWF
USOI Useful sources of information _abb   info Abbreviation used re our Links page
VAD Voluntary Agencies Directory [reference book] doc charity char-NG Book, published annually by NCVO.  A-Z of 2,000 organisations (especially charities), with indexes
W Flag of WalesWales -nat ::nation natWales Wales: Most relevant law and organisations are the same as for England (eg the 1939 Act, and the Charity Commission for E & W).  The Welsh Assembly has some powers.  See WLGA`
WCVA Wales Council for Voluntary Action -org charity natWales char-NG "WCVA is the voice of the voluntary sector in Wales.  We represent and campaign for voluntary organisations, volunteers and communities."  Umbrella organisation.  See also NCVO (E&W), NICVA, SCVO
WRAP Waste & Resources Action Programme -org aNFP recycling A not-for-profit company, est 2000.  Recycling
WCL Waste carriers licence :Lic :law recycling Issued by the Environment Agency (eg recycling).  Some clothing collectors have these licences.  Issued free if you're a charity
WEEE Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive 2002  "The WEEE Directive" :Reg :law recycling Law.  =a European Union (EU) Directive on waste disposal and recycling (eg computers, TVs).  This is relevant to charity shops receiving and selling old electrical goods
  Waste Online -org   recycling-NG Excellent meaty website (managed by Waste Watch).  Includes a textiles page`
  Web search engines (eg Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Lycos) web co info-web Indispensable with any research nowadays
WLGA Welsh Local Government Association -org :govLocal natWales govLocal See also COSLA, LGA [England], NILGA
-org charity FoI "Make and explore Freedom of Information requests".  Compelling reading.  Part of UKCOD (a charity).  FoI
  Which? www.which.co.uk
Which? logo
-org charity consumerNG Pressure group.  Consumer issues.  Iconic monthly magazine (advert-free) by subscription.  Numerous articles on clothing collections
  Whitaker's Almanac [reference book] doc co info Authoritative reference book - esp on government and politics.  Pub annually, by A & C Black Ltd
  Wikipedia -org aNFP info Not-for-profit online collaborative encyclopaedia of 3 million articles - a very useful up-to-date online resource (free)
x xStatistics %cb   info On the site's pages, we use this word next to statistics.  It allows you to search for them accurately
_ CHARITIES - Central government scrutiny
    cha r _
_ CHARITIES - Non-government (NG)
    char-aNG _
_ CHARITIES - Fundraising
    char-_fun d _
_ CHARITIES - Air Ambulances (=AA)
    charA A _
_ CHARITIES - Collections - 1. House-to-house (including law)
    charCollec t _See also Street collections, Recycling, Law, Government - Local - Regulation
_ CHARITIES - Collections - 2. Street (eg shopping centres)
    charCollect S _See also House-to-house collections
_ CHARITIES - Charity shops
    charShop s _ See also Recycling
    companie s _
_ CONSUMERS, trading standards - Government
    consume r _See also Law, Police
_ CONSUMERS, trading standards - Non-government (NG)
    consumerb NG _See also Law, Police
_ FoI - FREEDOM OF INFORMATION (and Data Protection Acts =DPAs)
    Fo I _
    go v _
_ GOVERNMENT - Parliament
    gov-Parl _
_ GOVERNMENT - Central (eg 'Whitehall')
    govCentra l _
_ GOVERNMENT - Local (=councils)
    govLoca l _
_ GOVERNMENT - Local - Regulation, licensing and enforcement
    govLocal R _See also Charities: collections, consumer/TSD, Law, Police
    inf o _Books
_ INFORMATION - Media (print and broadcast)
    infoMedi a _ Television set
    InT _
    la w _See also Charities: Collections, Consumer/TSD, Local government: Regulation, Police
_ LAW - Non-government (NG)
    law-N G _
_ LAW - Justice, Enforcement
    lawJustic e _
    mis c _
    nat _
NATIONS - UK - England
    nat A _
_ NATIONS - UK - Northern Ireland
    natN I _
_ NATIONS - UK - Scotland
    natScotlan d _
_ NATIONS - UK - Wales
    natWale s _
_ NATIONS - Overseas
    natz _
    polic e _ See also Consumers/TSD, Law
_ POLICE - Fraud
    policeFrau d _See also Law, Consumers/trading standards
_ RECYCLING & RE-USE - Government
    recyclin g _
_ RECYCLING & RE-USE - Non-government (NG)
    recycling- NG _
_ RECYCLING & RE-USE - Textiles / clothing
    recyclingTe x  See also Charities - collections

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