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Bogus charity collections:
Article from a weekly local newspaper

Headings on this page :

Warning over bogus
charity collections

A SPATE of bogus doorstep charity
collections is sweeping the area,
according to County Council trading
standards officers

The department has reported a
sharp rise in complaints about
collection bags and flyers asking
people to donate clothes, shoes and
household objects to good causes.

However, many of the appeals
have been from non-registered
charities who have been selling the
goods on for profit.

The trading standards service is
urging householders to check the
wording of charity collection litera-
ture carefully to ensure genuine
good causes still benefit from
residents' goodwill.

A spokesman said:
"Always check the flyers for a
registered charity number.
All proper charities are registered
with the Charity Commission which
can be contacted on 08xx xxx xxx
or visit the website at

Article above reproduced with the kind permission of the newspaper.

We (CharityBags) have marked certain items above in bold for clarity.
The phone number for the Charity Commission has since changed.

Our comments

For our comments on the article shown above, please see our comments below a similar article on the following page :

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Both articles were in competing local newspapers - published in the same week.