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Static sitemap - CharityBags

Navigation compass, from Scottish fishing boat (courtesy of Scran)
Old navigation compass
(Scottish fishing boat)

Introduction - a cautionary note . . .

We've provided two sitemaps :

   2. The Static sitemap

1. The POPUP SITEMAP is best - as it's always fully up-to-date (because it's generated live from the drop-down menus when you call it up).  It uses JavaScript software.
See the Sitemap section of the Help page for details.


  - the drop-down menus (under 'Sitemap, Help, Misc'), and
  - the links at the foot of most web pages.

2. The 'Static sitemap' :  This is intended for the small number of people who don't have JavaScript enabled (which means they can't use the POPUP SITEMAP).
However, the Static sitemap may not be 100% up-to-date.
It's a recent snapshot of the POPUP SITEMAP (created manually by us).

Both the POPUP SITEMAP and the Static sitemap are an exact copy of the drop-down menus, converted into a single column.

With both sitemaps, when you click on a link, it opens the selected page in the 'Parent' window of your browser.  See the Sitemap section of the Help page for details.

Click me to view the 'Static sitemap'
- only use this if you can't use the POPUP SITEMAP